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  1. MineX16

    This is a minesweeper clone for the Commander X16. It allows custom minefield sizes up to 38x24, with almost any amount of mines.
    To start, load and run MINEX16.PRG.
    Main Game Left click to reveal a tile Right click to flag a tile Click on the face to reset Press space to open the configuration screen (will reset the minefield) To exit, reset the machine (Ctrl-R on the emulator) Configuration Space to open and close Use the + and - buttons next to each digit to change the width, height, and number of mines Numbers are capped to a specific range; attempting to select an invalid value will set the number to its maximum or minimum value Click any of the presets to set all of the numbers at once Note: The game uses kernal functions to handle the mouse, so any weirdness is most likely caused by the emulator.


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