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  1. Haven't thought this through fully, but perhaps that's one reason why tail recursion is so important to those LISP fanatics...
  2. I have two old Samsung "SyncMaster" 19" 4:3 VGA monitors. A 190s and a 912n. They both work very nicely; one of them is an auxiliary monitor to my Mac Mini. I reckon the X16 may share that monitor via a switch, perhaps. I'll have to look up the specs to see if they're a multiple of 640 x 480. I assume they aren't of course. Ah yes, they're both 1280 x 1024. So, not quite, and so maybe a little blurry and stretched. H'm.
  3. So I'm back up to speed with BASIC 2.0, finished Rogue Forest, and am re-working the Space Trader game I wrote this Spring. And I have to ask y'all's advice. HOW do you organize multiple data sets on the screen? I've got lists, maybe a map, and a status/alarm bar, as well as the player menu. Call it four or five zones on the screen. It's a bit painful keeping those data inside their boundaries. I was wondering if anyone has some useful, practical advice about it?
  4. OK, pushed a pile of updates. Done, for now. It's still easy to die... and easy to get overwhelmed. I might re-visit that... there are 20% fewer monsters, and that didn't seem to hurt the game. Might do that some more. At least you won't be surrounded by monsters at the beginning. There's one emergent strategy I've found helpful: killing a monster when it's on a forest tile will turn the tile clear. This is a useful trick.
  5. Meh, the sound is really in the way. I'll disable it, for now. And yeah, the game can be merciless, even if there are no monsters in the immediate vicinity. Too retro?
  6. Saw that!! Thank you. I made quite a lot of changes in the past two days, so I'd kindly ask for a re-review! Hopefully it improves the game. But maybe it only rearranges the issues
  7. I updated it yet more, and it's reeeeeeally close to done. I think. 1. There is one thing that is bothering me: the sound. I'm using Dusan's interrupt-driven sound routines. I'm not fully aware of the proper way to handle the PSG. As a result, if I don't include proper timers in my BASIC code, a SYS to call the sound routine might be made too soon to the previous one, with bad results -- the video goes a little nuts because the previous call is still working. Suggestions welcome. Maybe I should remove the interrupt logic. 2. ALSO, I think I want to write a little PSG goodness of my own, to play a little fanfare when you find the Amulet of Yendor, and of course when you die. I used the SID with BASIC... uh, 35 years ago... so... 3. ALSO, the "User Experience" suffers from the timers... However, the UX might just generally suffer from some bad decisions. And it has a downright ugly "game over" screen. Advice there would also be welcome. 4. Game balance. The game is highly susceptible to random chance. That's INTENTIONAL. But, the game balance is probably skewed. Although the last several times I played, I found it challenging enough so that I was never dominating the game, I think. Again, suggestions welcome. 5. Features. It is feature-poor on purpose. I omit potions, rings, magic effects, ranged weapons, etc. I omit the inventory. I don't have complex relationships between weapons, armor, and monsters. I think this is OK. Your suggestions are welcome.
  8. rje

    WASD Keyboard

    Alas, I got no dampeners. Or, perhaps, "we don't need no steenking dampeners!"
  9. I've updated Rogue Forest. The source is in a line-less BASIC 2.0, split among several files and with pseudo long variables. I need just a bit of "flash" and I need to tune the game balance; then it will be 1.0. https://github.com/bobbyjim/x16-rogue-forest
  10. You sound like you might fit into the core demographic for this sort of machine: "I want 8-bit hardware without the vintage tax of maintenance and breakdowns." Welcome!
  11. We will see... could be useful.
  12. No doubt you've heard about this. This makes me want to write a space sim for the X16. I feel that the myriad logistical challenges could create a great risk-reward balance.
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