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  1. You're right on both counts. It's harsh It can conflict with BASIC, in which case a syntax error is generated It can conflict with reserved variables, similarly to #2.
  2. Also refer to this thread:
  3. Oh wow! I like that. Door games? (OK this needs its own discussion thread)
  4. I'd like to develop your documentation a bit. In particular, recording the reasons for the choices made. For example, I suspect the Arduino MEGA is chosen based on its UART, but also perhaps due to its ability to handle +5V on its GPIO... and there may be other reasons? This also helps me engage with the project: Since I own a MEGA that's not currently allocated, I could build one of these things.
  5. Lorin says: I/O Use cases: Loading a file from a modern computer into X16 RAM somewhere. The Burrito Principle* suggests that ideally this is a single-step operation. The existing RS-232 connection could be suited for this. Saving data somewhere on the X16 to a file for later reference. RS-232 and IEC devices are two ways to fill this niche. Streaming data off of the X16 to an output channel thing. Fun and interesting. Streaming data into the X16 somehow. Fun and interesting. Sounds like we're talking about the #3 and #4 there. Are we targeting a particular solution? * 80% of the meat is in 20% of the burrito. My way of co-opting the Pareto Principle. By "single-step operation", I mean ideally you could load a file, off of a connected modern computer, to the X16 with: LOAD "MYFILE.PRG",2 :rem or whatever device # and LOAD "MYDATA.BIN",2,1,$A000 and of course DOS"$",2
  6. Yes. How about a BASIC LOCATE, then? More controversially, there could be VERA BASIC commands for sprite and PSG handling. SPRITE Sprite registers are bitfield-packed. BASIC commands could make the data easier to handle by taking separate parameters. Commands could be simple or APIs with multiple fields. SOUND And it would be mighty nice to have BASIC commands that could allow me to trigger a BANG or PING sound. It would be trickier than sprites, because pseudo-envelopes would probably run on an interrupt as shown elsewhere in this forum. So that means the BASIC command would set up and call a ML API to said interrupt ML.
  7. IF Typical development is cross-development on the emulator. The focus is on games and experimenting with the expansion slots. THEN What BASIC extensions would be useful? What KERNAL extensions would be useful? I think ways to LOCATE the cursor on the screen might be useful in this context.
  8. That's the way we all seem to be naturally doing it, so that sounds right. Therefore, it seems to me that the best 'extensions' to BASIC 2.0 or the KERNAL will be ones that leverage the X16 in useful ways... but not necessarily for the benefit of programming by hand. Does that make sense?
  9. Frank created the page, so I'll take a random guess: it's VERA with 6502 emulation and an embedded open KERNAL. So, a 128K RAM 6502 system with integrated video, PSG, and KERNAL. OK OK, actually I think it's a gag for April Fools' Day.
  10. I actually ran out of space with a space-trader game I was working on over the summer... there was less than 4K of heap left... but about 10K of the program was read in from data statements, so it's not a pure example...
  11. Ah, there's also the Acheron VM. http://acheronvm.github.io/acheronvm/ In the owner's own words, "AcheronVM: 16-bit code on the 6502, taken too far".
  12. And https://www.c64-wiki.com/wiki/Operating_System#Third_Party_Operating_Systems I like Contiki...
  13. I'm on board with that, Tom, but I wasn't thinking about case.
  14. I would not buy it at that price. I had to really work myself up to get it at its base price, which I am still too timid to type onto the screen. It's a very nice keyboard, but... really. And the base keyboard which will ship with the X16 is looking ... not bad. Good enough, even. Maybe you have creative options now when it comes to keyboards. Can you buy something nice and get custom PETSCII keycaps (at an affordable price)? How about something nice now, and custom PETSCII keycaps later, thereby splitting the cost in two installments? Sounds like a good way to go.
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