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  1. Rogue Forest (Work In Progress)

    This is a work in progress, which means there's lots of missing functionality, the UI is rough, there are unfinished bits, and there's no "win" or "lose" condition, yet.
    The map is revealed as you explore.  There are two kinds of treasures -- weapons and armor -- and one special treasure: the Amulet of Yendor.  The goal of the game *will* be to find the Amulet of Yendor and exit the forest with it.
    There are 31 monsters in the forest.  They (currently) are not differentiated, except by name.
    Movement is via the cursor keys.  Trees are impassable.  "Bump" a monster to attack it.
    There are no special commands, yet.


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  2. Scary Forest

    You are lost in the Scary Forest. 
    Work your way to the edge to escape, and defeat monsters to gain points.  You can defeat them by your sword, your wits, or your feet (by running). But beware... some monsters are smart, some are strong, and some are fast. 
    Good luck!


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  3. Banner

    An assembly language routine which prints "banner" text using PETSCII.
    # How to Use
    This code is currently compiled to banked RAM at address $A000. Load the PRG file into memory at $A000. Poke the desired PETSCII character code into $A000. Call the routine at $A001. e.g.
    POKE $A000, 65 :REM "A"
    SYS $A001
    # Supported Characters
    Version 1 only supports A-Z and space. The characters are 3 x 3 characters in size, with a special "space" character that is 2 characters wide. # How to Compile
    This is the command I use to compile the source: ```cl65 -o BANNER-FONT.PRG -t cx16 -C cx16-asm.cfg banner.s```


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