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  1. Welcome, Jesse. MULE was the first game I owned, and I still consider it one of the best games, ever. And it was a RIOT with three or four players.
  2. Welcome Dan. I think it's going to be a fun ride!
  3. Welcome, Johan! I'm in the "same boat" as you. I wanted to write games in the 80s, but didn't have a lot of resources. As for it being silly. Maybe we can consider it a kind of therapy.
  4. Welcome George! I'm looking forward to seeing what magic you can write for the X16.
  5. Welcome, VIC-2020! Yes, BASIC 2.0 is ... well it's very basic. I remember the frustration as much as the joy of programming. It takes more discipline than I want to exert to write a large BASIC program. But you're soooooo right that the screen "editor" is amazingly clever, and the manuals -- especially that of the VIC-20 -- were simply fantastic. I think we have a good idea of the BASIC that comes "stock" with the X16 -- I do know it has graphics commands similar to the later Commodore machines, but I'm not sure if it has better flow control commands.
  6. Hi Andrew. I'm South of your border, in Dallas. Sounds like you've got the programming chops to fully grok the X16!
  7. Welcome Peter. The X16 definitely meets the pre-internet retro feel, doesn't it?
  8. Welcome Lodovik. Xcode is worlds away from the Commodore, isn't it? And yes, you're right: that "immediate mode" on these KERNAL machines, and the complete control over the hardware, is refreshing sometimes.
  9. Welcome, Diego. I bet a lot of us are 80s Commodore kids...
  10. Good morning Michael, and welcome. Amok!! Wow, I'd completely forgotten about that one, but I played it on the VIC-20 too!
  11. Bom dia Marcelo! Welcome to our retro community!
  12. Welcome Christoph/SerErris. I hope you find the VERA chip interesting!
  13. Welcome, Curtis. I'm impressed -- published programs! I think that's like the holy grail of 1980s personal computing.
  14. Welcome Ender. You learned BASIC at age 8? I'm envious. I hope you find X16 hacking to be an enjoyable experience!
  15. Welcome Tj. Sounds like a good project for the User Port on the X16.
  16. Welcome Niko! I had a similar experience growing up with my C64. I managed to learn some assembly language, but I didn't have the sheer piles of energy and determination to make a full-fledged professional game.
  17. Welcome! I admit the 8 Bit Guy's videos helped sell me on the X16!
  18. Welcome mrWinter! Glad to see that the X16 has inroads into Amazon!
  19. Welcome, Fnord42! I never had an Amiga... Our school (in Arizona) got a computer lab as I was entering the 6th grade... and it was stocked with PET 4016s networked to a master PET with a 4040. So I got hooked on the old equipment.
  20. O. M. G. brilliant, thanks. To think that I didn't figure that out 35 years ago... sheesh.
  21. This looks like the best two options. Let's say I need to be able to display a worst-case scenario of 50 systems surrounding the "current position", but it's usually fewer than ten systems. I'll put those systems into RAM so I can run various queries on them. Calculation isn't a problem: I know the coordinates I need to fetch from. So this is merely a file storage exercise. The "large file" scenario is the best one, because then I can have a SEEK-based moving window. Alternately, subdirectories could be built based on the coordinate system itself.
  22. Brilliant, Tom, thank you. I'm slowly working your code sample out. I wish there were a "code" or "monospace" format in this forum. Is there? 10 REM 20 REM SET UP VIDEO REGISTERS 30 REM 40 POKE $9F2D, %01100000 :REM MAP HEIGHT=1, WIDTH=2 = 64X128 TILES 50 POKE $9F2E, %10000000 :REM MAP BASE ADDR = 128 X512 = $10000. 60 POKE $9F2F, %01111100 :REM TILE BASE ADDR = 31 X2K = $F800. 70 REM ALSO, TILE HT=0, WD=0, SO 8 PIXELS X 8 PIXELS 80 REM 90 REM NO SCROLLING, PLEASE ($9F30-$9F33) 100 REM 110 POKE $9F30, 0 120 POKE $9F31, 0 130 POKE $9F32, 0 140 POKE $9F33, 0 150 REM 160 REM BUILD FOREST 170 REM 180 COLOR 1,0 :CLS :REM SET BACKGROUND MODE 190 FO(0)=$41 :REM "\XC1" (TREE) 200 FO(1)=$2E :REM DOT 210 FO(2)=$2E :REM DOT 220 POKE $9F29, %00110001 :REM $31=LAYERS 1,0. OUTPUT MODE=1 (VGA) 230 PRINT "\X13\X11\X11\X11\X11COLOR 1,6\X13" 240 IF VPEEK(1,0)=FO(0) GOTO 380 260 FOR Y=0 TO 39 270 Y0=Y*$100 280 FOR X=0 TO 158 STEP 2 290 P=Y0+X 300 VPOKE 1,P,FO(RND(1)*3) :REM CHARACTER INDEX 310 VPOKE 1,P+1,$15 :REM BG/FG COLOR NYBBLES 320 NEXT 330 NEXT 340 VPOKE 1,0,FO(0) :REM 0 IS ALWAYS A TREE 350 REM 360 REM HIDE BACKGROUND 370 REM 380 COLOR 1,6 :CLS 390 REM 400 REM SET PLAYER POSITION 410 REM 420 X=10 :Y=10 430 REM 440 REM CLEAR FOG IN A CLEARED 9X9 GRID 450 REM 460 PRINT "\X13"; :FOR D=1 TO Y: ? "\X11"; :NEXT 470 COLOR 1,0 480 FOR I=1 TO 9 490 ? TAB(X); " " 500 NEXT 510 GET A$ :IF A$="" GOTO 510 520 IF X<70 THEN X=X+1 :GOTO 460 530 COLOR 1,6
  23. I first saw this in the 8 Bit Guy's video, but I'm encountering it now in person. So I'm curious as to why the character set "swaps" PETSCII $40-$5F and $20-$3F?
  24. That speeds things up quite a bit. Thanks!
  25. Whoa! That's something I never knew about sprites! You learn something new every day...!
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