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  1. Sonic GHZ with raster lines and music

    This demo is made from original game assets and translating the VGM tune into YM2151 + VERA PSG.
    I made this demo because I think too many people forget just how great the graphics can be on the X16. I also think the FM music is vital to the 16-bit era of gaming, so this demo shows how the Commander X16 can deliver the goods if you like a 4th-gen experience.


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  2. Flappy X16

    FlappyX16 is a complete port of the original 2013 iOS Flappy Bird game by .GEARS Studios, using my own assets from scratch.
    While the main reason I made this game was to get experience in C programming for X16 using a real multi-file Makefile project, I also wanted to produce a completely finished, polished game for the X16 community to enjoy. I've learned a lot about using the various subsystems of the Commander X16.
    Four selectible difficulty levels of play Fun, addictive gameplay - Always "just one more" point to earn Keyboard and joystick support FM sound effects Bright 4bpp graphics Secret "Dark Souls" difficulty level I have not yet tested the final version using SD card images, and will update the download file if I need to patch the game. Also, my project support R39 but I have not built that against the latest versions of the master repo on Github. I will upload an R39-compatible version once I update my copy of R39 and test the build.
    I've really enjoyed making this game, and I hope the community enjoys playing it. It's a VERY addictive game. Trust me, I've spent HOURS just playing it when I should be adding features / fixing up my code


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  3. Multi version emu launch script

    This is a simple quality-of-life bash script I wrote.
    It makes it easy to install multiple versions of the emulator on the same system and run them from any arbitrary place. I have a directory ~/x16emu where I then create subdirectories for each revision, e.g. ~/x16emu/r38
    The r38 folder is just the contents of the release .zip file (x16emu, rom.bin, kernal.sym, etc)
    I place this bash script in the path (e.g. /usr/local/bin) and rename it x16emu. Now you can launch any revision by typing x16emu -v r38 and all other arguments are passed through to the actual emulator. Furthermore, if you want to use a custom ROM image and put -rom /path/to/customrom.bin , then the bash script uses that and does not send its own auto-generated -rom argument.


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  4. VOPL "Virtual OPL" Demo - realtime playback on OPM chip

    This demo uses the real music data from Wolfenstein3d to play back on the X16's YM2151 FM synth chip.
    Some features of the audio translation are not yet implemented, but the program now plays correct pitch in R38 of the emulator. I will update this posting to my R39 build when that is released officially.
    The "Try It Now" feature works, but at least for me, the playback is quite choppy - the emulator itself has no problem with the playback, though.
    Next update will be to make the songs selectable at runtime.


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