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  1. Thax, but i have not done eny programming realy, i played around whit a cracked rpg maker in the mid 90's and made a game, every action had to do with a sex act, every weapon was a sex toy, the goal was to cum the hardest and the enemy's wer a variation of fatt pigs in different color. Not high-level programming, but thax you ment well.
  2. wow so it is possible to do it in assembly, can you have different stats, skills, inventory, equipment and other stuff that are important to have in in a pen and paper roleplaying game!
  3. One thing. Can you program a game engine in basic or asembly?
  4. Thax paulscottrobson and kliepatsch. Jay, it is a big plan and I have to bild my confidence and my programig skills b4 i can attempt it. There will be Babe steps.
  5. I have an itch, to program an text based game. And the game is originaly a pen and papper game, and the rule system it is played in, is called Basic rollplay system. I wana maintain the way you play the game in the sens you throw dices but make the program do it for you oviusly. But how hard is it to program. I need to program rooms, containers, items, npc, stats, skills, initiativ, etc. I what to have dialog options and a ask funktion where the player can ask the npc about things like you could in fallout 1 and 2. No grafics, no sound and no hand holding. Am i barking at the wrong tree och is this be dune? SP: i am dyslektit and english is not my nativ toung. I hope you can read may shity fone typing
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