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  1. As an Antipodean Youtube media consumer over the last 5 years, I have developed a keen (Commander?!) interest in retro (and new) computer hardware. Adrians Digital Basement, RMC, Retro Recipes, 8-Bit Guy, LGR just to name a few. Explaining Computers has also been a joy_______________ to watch I am on the waitlist for the next batch of Pi400. Its sold out of course. Harder to get than a 3090 Graphics card.... Now when I saw the proposed Visual Design for the X-16... wow!!!!!!! - I want one and the keyboard too. Kudos to the Peri Practical Fractical one.... You have nailed the look. Expect Sony and Msoft bashing down your door for the visual design of the PS6 or Xbox XYZ Best wishes to all the X-16 team. Outstanding work.
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