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  1. Regarding other awesome looking retro handheld devices, I own an Odroid Go Advance, which is pretty awesome: https://www.hardkernel.com/shop/odroid-go-advance-black-edition/ Although unfortunately I got the earlier transparent version which doesn't have the USB-C charger, or the two extra shoulder buttons. Another one I'm really looking forward to is Pimoroni's 32Blit: https://32blit.com/ Although the 32Blit isn't aimed towards emulation, but rather to encourage developers of new games. These are all fun devices that I see myself picking up occasionally, but for me, I see the Pyra as hopfully a daily driver for most of my online / computer activity which can also play retro games.
  2. One other thing worth mentioning, is that there is a theoretical possiblity of a CPU upgrade in the future - newer CPUs are being considered for this, and if they transpire, it wouldn't involve having to buy a complete new unit. There's nothing concrete on that yet though.
  3. Yeah, that depends on your needs (of course). It's likely to be perfect for emulation, at least up to PS1, but hopefully it could cope with PSP, and of course browsing and certainly basic stuff is possible. I'll likely use it in lieu of my laptop most of the time as it's more portable and pretty equivalent in power, and I might also dispense with my smartphone, as it optionally includes 4G. The high price is also not some small part down to the development costs, and over the 5ish years there has been a roller-coaster to say the least of development progress, hiccups and problems (now sorted). If you're on the fence, I'd recommend waiting for reviews, and I'd also say that production costs are likely to drop a little, so the price may go down a little when it's finally in full production. In a news update - the first completed production unit has been sent out, and apparently expected to be received by a developer in the UK - he's helped sort out some software issues, but I'm hoping over the next couple of weeks there will be quite a bit more information as units start to trickle out to early pre-order customers. Oh, and the DS is a very neat design. I think the Pyra's size is probably equivalent to the New 3DS XL.
  4. No, it's not cheap, and certainly not for most. I paid for it gradually over the years it's been in development. There have been a couple of similar-ish devices in the last couple of years, but it still stands out on its own as pretty unique in being a fully-fledged Linux computer and gaming handheld in one. Apparently the first production unit has been shipped out... it's been a long development.
  5. Looks great! Music is also really good.
  6. I started to program as a young child in the early/mid 80's on an Acorn Electron (you may not have picked up on it, but there's a clue to my first favourite game, and most nostalgic). Eventually got an Amiga 500, and soon after that an Amiga 1200 - loved using AMOS, Octamed, Deluxe Paint, WordPerfect (for course work) and of course hundreds of games and demos, which I used throughout college. While at university I had moved on to a 486dx66 with DOS and Windows 3.11 (although I still far preferred the Amiga). The last 20 years I've almost exclusively been using Linux, although I still occasionally use my A1200 and Acorn Electron, both of which have been upgraded to varying degrees since I first got them.
  7. The Pyra is a very niche product (perhaps more so than the X16) - appealing to both retro-games enthusiasts and open source / Linux enthusiasts... It's been in development since 2016, and I believe has been on the cards for close to 10 years (be aware that it's a relatively low spec for a high price - but there has been several years of development that's gone in to it). It's the successor to the Pandora hand-held (https://www.openpandora.org/) https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/pages/pyra/ There is a small, passionate community around it, and they are now aiming for a tentative launch of mass-production units in August. I've had a pre-order from back in 2016 for one. Just thought I'd mention it on the off-chance that there may be others that might be interested.
  8. Oh, and the website looks awesome
  9. Glad I stumbled here. As I don't use Facebook, I had felt out of the loop with the Commander X16, and the murray2.com forum just disappeared, so I found this (almost) purely by chance. Actually, I had built my own Gigatron, as I was really lucky to get one of the last ones including a case. https://gigatron.io/ (yes, the one that The 8-Bit Guy reviewed, along with Dave EEV Blog and Ben Heck)... I can't recommend it enough, for soldering, hacking, software, and the still active community. So, long story short, I found myself here! However, the Commander X16 seems to tick all of the boxes I had in a "modern-retro" device, and it looks like everyone involved here are doing a fantastic job. Looking forward to all and any progress
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