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  1. Quick hello from Scotland - I'm not Scottish and have never wanted to wear a kilt! - but it's a great place and I love it here. Started in 79/80 with school having a Commodore Pet 4032 (the small screen one) followed in 81/82 with my own ZX81 and RAM pack at home. I attempted (via parent money...) to move to a Spectrum but the one ordered arrived very late, was the wrong one (16K) and broke on day 2. Dad returned that (first time I heard him swear) and although I wanted a C64 he insisted on a BBC B which was great for 8 years more until PCs took over. Briefly had an Atari ST but never really loved it. Sinclair returned the broken 16K Spectrum repaired after dad's money was refunded, we gave it to my cousin. Returned to retro a few years ago via emulation, and then the Spectrum Next (after waiting 2 years for the keyboard...) and THE 64 Maxi which I tried with the original C64 manual to get to know it, which was fun. Downloaded the emulator to start to play with it, hope to learn more as it goes along.
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