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    Whilst this is a very fun game as-is in its alpha stage that I very much enjoyed and intend to play again, I also look forward to seeing how it grows as I was left wanting the ability to attack at times (maybe that unlocks for all I know - I didn't get very far after all). Regardless, there is plenty to dodge to keep you busy, which is why this game is a great demonstration of the high number of sprites this machine is capable of - the screen was filled w/ bullets and no slowdown. I haven't tried the panic button yet as I failed to read the instructions first, like a big dummy, so I intend to come back to give that whirl. Sincerely, Richard M. Nixon
  2. kull


    It may be text based, but that's part of the charm. I'll land yet!
  3. Oh, I was building off of master as of a few days ago. I also checked out the most recent release tag to see if it happened there, think it was v0.8b, and no change. The video makes it look worse than it is, though. I was able to give it a full play through when doing things in the proper order and don't recall any other issues; just avoid attempting that door first. The screwdriver left me a bit parched, though.
  4. NP and no worries should you decide to decline it. I will attach those bins, but as another data point - I was able to recreate that bug over here: I'll attach a capture. Screen Recording 2021-02-19 at 1.41.23 PM.mov
    Probably the best example application that I know of.
  5. Hi Matt. Thanks for the reply. The XCI looks slick...look forward to tinkering with it. Yes, the emulator and rom builds fine using the xtools-cli-provided gcc, no need to even install gcc proper with brew, but xci doesn't...upon closer inspection, this is only due to a trivial naming conflict with the OS X sdk. A small change allowed it to build with warning w/ the Apple toolchain and I was able to build and run the example as well. I drafted this PR in case you want to retain that (unsure if you necessarily want to support that build configuration, but it appears to work and would constitute the laziest possible OS X build setup I think): https://github.com/SlithyMatt/x16-xci/pull/14/files I did notice that clicking the white door in the hallway of the example sometimes crashed me to BASIC. Unsure if that is known bug or perhaps in fact indicative of a problem with my resulting program, but just thought I'd mention it. Also, I find it neat to see this stuff running on the M1 w/o Rosetta (the irony!):
  6. Hi, I'm trying to build the sdk in the project and it fails attempting to use clang CLI tools. I brew installed gcc, which left me w/ a gcc-10 in my path. I edited the Makefile to have it use gcc-10 to see where it got me, but while it got a little further, it still fails on what I think is due to the xtools/clang libs still appearing earlier in the path (Or maybe I should just look into fixing LIBRARY_PATH). In any event, I'm intentionally omitting the specific failures for the time being as I'm quite certain that is the cause. Just wondering, what are others doing to manage multiple gcc installations in OS X Big Sur (I also happen to be on Apple Silicon, but so far I've had no problems retrieving natively compiled bins w/ brew for the most part)? Thanks, Kull
  7. kull

    Cavy's Quest

    Great start to an original point-and-click adventure. I enjoyed the mechanics, the characters, and the aesthetic. Good stuff. Looking forward to future versions.
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