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  1. Deleted. The first post being at the top of page two caught me out.
  2. You should be able to read back the values once you've set them. That's the caveat though, you can't read them unless you've set them. Ie, you can't read the default palette. (Imho this should be set on startup by the kernel on startup...) Just checked, and the following does return $0f for both 'lda's. lda #$11 sta ADDRx_H lda #$fa sta ADDRx_M stz ADDRx_L lda #$0f sta DATA0 sta DATA0 lda #$11 sta ADDRx_H lda #$fa sta ADDRx_M stz ADDRx_L stp lda DATA0 lda DATA0
  3. Yazwho

    Dark Theme

    That is awesome, thanks. Much better! Always better to have a properly crafted theme if possible!
  4. If you've got some downtime, one really nice feature for the website would be the addition of a Dark Theme. (Assuming the underlying forum software caters for themes.) Nothing has really changed in the last 30 years, I (we??) are still coding in dimly lit rooms, it's just that the room isn't our bedroom any more! So it would be a bit easier on the eyes with a black (or darker) background.
  5. cos is just sin offset by 90 degrees, or 64 if you use a 256 byte table. So you can save yourself some ram at the expense of an add. Depending on what you're trying to do, if it's possible to match the amplitude to what you need (so no multiplication is required) you'll obviously get better performance.
  6. If it is, you might want to post on /r/MechanicalKeyboards as they might be all over them!
  7. Yazwho


    Thanks all, Is that the same for only setting\changing one of the 4? -abufs16 is good to know, but unfortunately didn't fix the issue, although it does sound a bit better. using 32 or more doesn't do much though. My machine isn't CPU throttled, so I dont think its that. I'll rewrite the code to do it all in the vsync, maybe that will help...
  8. Yazwho


    Ok, I'm starting to hate writing audio code! So annoying to debug as you can't just stop and have a look at what's going on... Ahem, anyway.. Is there an order that the PSG data should be written to the channels? I've got some very rare crackling and am wondering if its because the data is being used before its properly loaded, or some other sequencing problem. Should I prepare the data and just copy it in over during the vsync or similar? Is there a specific time when the channels are read?
  9. It is amazing. Imagine, in the next 10 years, maybe we'll be able to get our own chips printed for a similar cost!
  10. Nice trick! I don't know much about audio and the composition of it, but how bad would it sound by using the vsync? The reason I ask is that having an interrupt fire at 'random' time during the could break code that highly relies on line based interrupts.
  11. Ah ok, that would make sense, so you can make changes to the wave for periods lower than the vsync provides?
  12. Wow, that's very impressive! I've only been able to get basic sounds from the PSG.
  13. Looks awesome! It's all PCM right? Do you have a feel for how much CPU the playback takes? I'm going to guess quite a lot?
  14. @StephenHorn Theres no specific mention of what VScroll does in bitmap mode. You can see why HScroll wouldn't work, but VScroll could. (ie shift the screen up/down by 320/640/xx bytes) It's just one of those bits of the docs that is a little unclear. I'm not complaining; I mean for a machine that isn't even real, things are pretty good!
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