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  1. Now this is a demo I would like to see running on real hardware.
  2. Well, the VERA has a PCM for high quality audio, so I suspect that this would end up a much easier project for the X16.
  3. So, I'm pretty confident that this just reserves space in VRAM for a finite number of "frames" and loops through them, and concurrently, adds new "sprites" to those frames. Am I correct? Impressive nonetheless - kudos!
  4. PetDraw by David was written for the express purpose of designing UIs of text mode-based applications. Source code is here: https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-demo/tree/master/petdrawx16
  5. On Github, you can find this group: (redacted) There's not really much to it, other than a logo looking in line with the X16 line, a description reading "The X16's little brother.", a non-functional github.io link and only one member of the group: Frank van den Hoef, the VERA designer. Based on this, I think it's fair to conclude that this is, to some degree, official and coordinated with the rest of the X16 team, but unfortunately, there is not much else to conclude. If anyone on the team can clarify anything, it'd be interesting to hear. Even a simple "no further comment", as disappointing as it is, would probably satisfy my curiosity for now. (And yes, apparently I'm the first on these forums to bring it up.)
  6. Unfortunately, when restrictions were lifted from the Eastern Bloc, the PC compatibles had already asserted their dominance, and that was before I was born. Nevertheless, I learned to program at a young age, and today, using a computer and programming one are basically inseparable for me, even on modern systems. With the X16, I hope that I can both learn the system inside and out and help as many others as I can to do the same. And while it might take a while, I'm patient.
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