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  1. Scrubbly Morse Code Translator

    A simple Morse code program. Written in QBASIC as a learning process, ported to various CBM machines, and now on Commander X16, because why not!
    It can translate from text to Morse, or from Morse to text.
    The input can be typed in, or loaded from a file.
    It has different modes of operation, in how it uses the signal marks. I have implemented 3 modes based on what I saw in different programs. The characters of the signal marks can be specified by the user.
    Sound output can be configured too.
    The character output can be saved to disk. It will work even if the output is longer than 255 characters (and also can be loaded back).
    Note: it only processes files up until it encounters a Carriage Return (PETSCII 13) character. Settings are saved too, but are not processed, as of yet. (Using the proper settings is vital for Morse->text translation to work.)
    (This is the first piece of program code I release anywhere 🙂)


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