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  1. I got my WASD CX16 keyboard today and am more than satisfied. I just wanted it to support the project, but I think this will be my everyday keyboard! Very good quality and looks great too!
  2. Hi, my setup is a C64C i paintet black/gold with an old security camera monitor I got from work. Besides I got a TheC64 for testing my crappy asm code
  3. Hopefully this doesn't violate any rules, but I'm very happy that a German trio has received funding for their project! It is a very good adventure game with a lot of similarities to the good old classics. "Spindle - An Action-Adventure about the Death and a Pig A mysterious disease is slowly spreading...Why can no one die anymore? Explore the world and free those who suffer from their torments"
  4. Word! The cx-project ain't dead! @The 8-Bit Guy can make this possible, and we will help as best we can in whatever direction it goes, as a team!
  5. the VERA as seperate product.... puuh... then I have to buy a bundle X16,X8,Vera but that's ok
  6. Ah ok, either way, it would be a really nice feature!
  7. I have a completely different idea. You could write a small program, possibly pack it into a rom bank, which enables remote development. for example send the program code from the PC to the X16 and read out the memory and registers as required.
  8. Yes, Godot has a really strong UI platform with themes and everything.
  9. 2021-08-22 23-42-27.mp4 Ok, I had the wrong video format, sry for inconvenience. Here the video where I load the sprite from a png file!
  10. Good evening everyone. 2021-08-23 00-11-55.mp4 Since I am currently learning to program assembler like crazy, and it still takes some time until I get something good ready, I thought I would combine it with something I can do a little better. Some time ago in another thread I mentioned an idea how to introduce younger people to retro computers. An IDE with which you can assemble a game by point & click. So I've done some other things in the meantime .. But since last week I've been working on this idea. Status so far: I have a rudimentary editor, can create my project and attach it to the emulator right away. The Sprite Editor is still very spartan, but I can already insert sprites from common image formats (these are saved in asm code) -> ahh ok, i forgot to show it in the vid ... sry I chose KickAssembler for the necessary compiler, simply because I am currently learning C64 / X16 coding with it. In addition to the GUI programming, I scour every possible source that deals with the X16. I am currently creating a boilerplate with which certain things can be incorporated into macros. E.g. initialization of sprites, Copy2VRAM etc. The next steps will be the layer configurations and tilemaps. And then another iteration of GUI improvement ... and then on and on I'm also sure that some are not interested in such a software, since most of them already have their workflows. I'll keep you posted here in this thread if you want. EDIT: right video format.... i'm dump and have to go to bed....
  11. I have an old pentium I big tower laying around... can be a fun case too^^ and there is room for some other things.... I mean... all the things This is it! One case to rule them all! With 16x KVM switch, pi, x8,x16, c64,specci,mega65,pyra
  12. Since the beginning of this thread, my opinion on the X8 has changed. In the beginning I was against it. Now I find the platform interesting and the possibility of quick availability appeals to other people again. Addendum: I got to the VIC20 / C64 through 8-bit Guys channel. Before that I didn't want anything to do with assembler. I watched his videos, his series about Planet X2 / X3 / Robots and finally the X16. That's how I came across Matt Heffernan's, Shallan's, Oldskoolcoder's channels and finally discovered a connection to assembler. It's a lot of fun, I don't want to stop! This is just an outline. What I mean to say, Mr. David Murray has my complete confidence. If he just sees the X8 (absolutely not a bad platform) as a means of the times, then there are reasons! The whole team is investing so much time, money and brainpower in this project and here in the forum there is currently a split. I do not like that. My opinion: X8 Go! Extend your range and collect money for the X16. Let the X16 mature and publish it as a solid, complete work of art.
  13. OK, I totally understand this! Is there a way to produce the X16 phase 3 as fast as the x8? I still think you should give the developers something to develop software and games so that even more people can get excited about the X16. The Emulator is awesome, but real Hardware ist going to boost the motivation^^ And then, when the market has calmed down a bit, the X16 phase 1 as a diy kit :)
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