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  1. Yes it's nice to know there are many signs of success on the horizon for this project. I hope to all who are in charge of this, you all profit handsomely as I know we all will benefit from these new creations! Hope we can buy things before Christmas! Will be an excellent holiday if we can!
  2. Just got an email from Perixx about their upcoming release of their PERIBOARD-106M keyboard with Petscii printing! They expect a release on Amazon.com in June! It's not quite what I wanted but they are absolutely going forward with meeting consumer interest! Still love the Periboard 409 series. I think it's the right size and feels great to the fingers. Release day and ultimately DELIVERY at my home day is the day I most await!
  3. I take that last line to mean something is just about to be released which would explain reluctance to release "extra keyboards" (which I will STILL want!). If you're about to release the first sell-out sets, you don't want to be short on keyboards right? I'm absolutely giddy hoping my interpretation of that hint is true! Exciting times! Don't give energy to the haters if there are any. Given the ridiculously high degree of popularity of "theC64" product and the direction it has taken, I'm sure Commander X16 is going to "suffer" from excessive demand issues and lengthy fulfillment problems. As far as I can see, that's where the criticism will come from and that's not going to be a bad thing
  4. This will likely offer local control of keyboard functions if/where applicable but isn't transmitted to the machine, similar to the Fn key on a laptop. That's way Fn cool! Any news on potential availability of the Periboard version? Would love to buy a few!
  5. Where might I buy such a key or set of keys? I want one too! I also bought the WASD keyboard and also the USB version of the Periboard (409H) for use with my theC64mini. The WASD keyboard works 100% fantastic on my mini! The Periboard is actually better, in my opinion for the purposes but I still like the WASD keyboard very much and it just needs the C= key to make it more complete.
  6. Been looking here for a while now but decided to sign in just now. Seriously want to own one of these things when I can get it! I've already picked up the keyboard mentioned by Retro Recipes from WASD. Super nice keyboard and works exactly as I hoped it would. I also (same reason) picked up the Periboard keyboard but got the USB version with USB hub ports. That is a seriously nice keyboard and actually works perfectly for my purposes. I've been playing with theC64 and theC64mini. The mini works nicely for me at work because I can shove it under and behind my monitor at my desk and select the input for it when I want to. Meanwhile the USB keyboard makes the mini very comfortable and accessible. The USB hub ports allow me to connect USB storage and anything else which might later be supported. The firmware update lets me boot straight into BASIC which is where I live. Games? Nah. Writing creative code? Oh yeah! But I really want this Periboard-409H to host the same keycaps as the one for the Commander X16 keyboard. That would be just super! But failing that, I'd still like to buy the new X16 keyboard and then swap some keycaps to get what I want! If the project needs additional funding sell us some keyboards! That'd be just amazing! I'd also like to talk about potential addon cards for the machine under development. I'm hoping that there may be useful boards like "connect your Raspberry Pi here and provide services like storage, expansion, emulated serial/modem and other modern-world interfacing to your retro dream machine!" That's the name I came up with anyway.... maybe someone else can come up with a better one. I know 8 Bit Guy is still recovering from his disaster and all so that's a bummer. But I hope this thing really gets some new energy soon! We've got spring and summer to warm things up! So much fun ahead!
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