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  1. Hello folks. I have been watching the YouTube videos with interest and I am looking forward to seeing the project come to fruition. I started using a (borrowed) ZX80 - although a friend's father was building something from a kit he got from the US and we were allowed to gaze at it a year or so earlier - then a rented (from the nascent local computer club) ZX Spectrum before getting my own Dragon 32. I then settled onto a Tatung Einstein TC01 (after brief stints with borrowed BBC and an Apple II). The D32 and the TC01 went with me to Uni where I studied Computer Science. They were both put to good use; the Dragon 32 with a MACE assembler coupled to a D5 development board kit used in operating system and architecture dev labs and the Einstein used write assignments and to develop software before transfer to the Uni's Unix systems (this meant I could do a lot more studying at my digs). Fast forward 30 years through time with Microsoft, IBM, Cap Gemini and freelancing, and I am still in the software industry (though now as an associate director). Those early machines did me proud! That original Dragon 32 is still working (plus another Dragon that I am refurbishing with a DragonPlus kit) with an SDCard interface, a working TC01 (with a Gotek) and a TC01 awaiting refurbishment. That D5 kit is still in the loft and I ought to dig it out. Not to mention all the PCs, RPis, NodeMCUs and other HA bits and bobs I have kicking around. I still get a kick out of programming (though it is a hobby nowadays) and those early games, and I am looking forward to getting hold of a Commander X16. Cheers, Chris.
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