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  1. Easily could have been failed floppy and drive to begin with. Though I felt that way about the clearly functional serial cable used in the 1541 video output demo I saw a few months back.
  2. This is pretty cool... https://fb.watch/9LkpV-wqM2/
  3. If all you are looking for is mass storage, then it probably would be faster to modify pi1541 to support pi9999 (or whatever). I want something personally that will give me more than just mass storage, though. I've not looked at the pi1541 software to figure out what it would take for it to support multiple simultaneous devices so it can be disk drive and printer and external monitor and keyboard and networking... and that will work on all the IEC based machines.
  4. I had ordered the two hats (one for Pi zero, another for Pi three) and the shipping information from Hong Kong said they would be here between Dec 6 and Dec 30. Imagine my surprise to receive them today, Dec 4!
  5. Exactly. And the internal DOS is just an abstracted interface to fit with the kernal API (I think).
  6. Unfortunately the kernal doesn't know how much it's loading until it has loaded. As least in as much as the kernal works with serial IEC devices.
  7. Thank you very much. I'm not a huge gamer, though I enjoy certain games. Games are what attracted me to computers in the first place, just like so many others. For me, writing software or finding solutions to problems is often the best game, personally. But I don't personally know if any comparable game that received both 64 and 128 versions that show such a difference on stock hardware.
  8. Could be. I didn't analyze the question of "how to efficiently divide by 60". I just tried to find the fastest way to code the original expression given. Not to say I found the fastest way, just that I had noticed all the bit shifts were 8 bits off another bit shift, so I was able to avoid most bit twiddling and just do repeated adds with the bytes aligned to different positions.
  9. My algorithm was fast! I don't know if it was correct, but it was fast. And if you're going to get an inexact answer anyway, why worry about how exact it is and just go with fast. Of course, I guess 230 cycles can be improved upon. LDA #0 is much faster, and it is guaranteed to be closer to the correct answer than infinity, so just use it! {slinking away}
  10. Last I read any statement from David was around the time of the MEGA65 opening for pre-orders, and his words were something to the effect of "X16 will not be as expensive." Note the use of "will not be' vs 'would not have been'. I haven't gone to find the quote so that I can confirm it, we're relying on my memory. The point is that David doesn't seem to have given up on X16, it's just a wait and see game for now while the supply chain sorts itself out.
  11. Yes. The keyboard handling would need to be different, I think, or people would need stickers to put on their keyboard to know what keys are where. And you wouldn't have the same collection of ports on the side / back in addition to lacking the physical drive. There is nother hardware missing too, but probably not anything just people would miss (extra FPGA / CPLD). It would be nice for there to be an official MEGA65 Jr, and I appreciate why the price of the C65 recreation is off-putting.
  12. I'm sure a moderator *could* but I don't think they will. But it was a huge thread that long ago served its purpose. You have a nice shiny new thread here, though. You could use it!
  13. I had the same plan, but LuLu had a SAVE30 coupon code for a 30% reduction, so I pulled the trigger last night. I don't know if it is still going or how much longer. In any case, it was like getting the UG free with purchase of PRG.
  14. You should compare Attack of the PETSCII Robots for the C64 vs the C128 port. That extra 64K of RAM, dual monitor capability, MMU, and burst mode can all come together to make a great game. In the interest of disclosure, I wrote the C128 specific code for that port. The reason companies didn't make games for the C128 wasn't because they couldn't make a better game. it was because they didn't want to spend more money for the customized version. No more no less. That's not to say they made the wrong decision. 15M C64 + 5M C128 means you can potentially sell to an audience of 20M with a C64 version. Investing more money in a C128 specific version "only" gives you an audience of about 25% of that size. So I don't necessarily blame them for making that decision, but the technology definitely existed to make better versions of games for those who were so inclined.
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