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  1. You could be right about gas, but I heard the same arguments made when the price of gas shot up to then record highs in June 2008 just to have them drop significantly by Christmas. I think prices will go down again, though it will be inflation adjusted.
  2. A very worthy project. It has the same "downside" of many other projects in that it won't be compatible with as many platforms as I'd like, which to me is the draw of pi2iec. I just need to get to work on it (one week of school left)...
  3. Very cool. Lots of room for various projects IMO, but it is nice having that built in.
  4. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll give it a look over.
  5. I'm just funnin' ya! PCBoard was very extensible and customizable, but didn't generally come with source code for that level of mods. Though my scripting language (PCBoard Programming Language) came pretty close, but I'm biased.
  6. I agree with you to a large extent. I'm not a fan of most sound demos. Not even when I was a young man, much less today as a cranky old man. So many of them sound like garbage where the intent is to show how many tricks they can use instead of creating something that is harmonious. That being said, I do like the theme song to The Goldbergs, so maybe there is hope for me (or for chiptunes).
  7. I had the goal to work on pi2iec around Christmas. I haven't been able to yet due to other obligations, but I wanted to have as much RPi sitting around to test things. I don't remember the exact prices, and I got quite a bit, but I had to buy almost everything in bundles with extra stuff I didn't really need as the RPis weren't being sold separately.
  8. GOODY! Can I artificially slow down the S/370 to level the playing field?
  9. Solid gold star or just gold colored? I need more details!
  10. I had a class in college that touched on APL (one of four languages we spent two weeks each covering). That is some terse hard to read code (though I'm sure if I had cause to use it as often as C / C++ I'd be used to it and find it second nature).
  11. I think a strong argument can be made that such a thing could live in ROM.
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