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    BASIC PREPROCESSOR allows one to create Commodore BASIC programs with a normal text editor without line numbers. Features:
    Much as strings begin and end with a quotation mark ("), macro constructs begin and end with a commercial at sign (@). This means that you cannot include @ in a macro, but otherwise any character may be used. A label can be defined on a line by itself as @+LABEL@. A label can be referenced after a GOTO or GOSUB as @-LABEL@ (including ON statements). A long variable name can be used as @!NAME@. A preprocessed comment can be used as @' whatever text you want @. These comments are not written to the PRG file. Any leading whitespace on a line is removed before writing the code to the PRG file. The preprocessor (probably) requires an emulator built from the master github branch. The program is written almost completely in BASIC. The one exception has to do with tokenization. Normally as you enter lines of BASIC the computer will translate them into a compressed tokenized form, and this is necessary for the programs to be usable. In order for BPP.PRG to create tokenized BASIC programs, it has a small machine language routine in golden RAM that converts from plain text to tokenized form. The tokenized form is written to the output PRG file.
    Here is a super simple example called SIMPLE.BPP.
    An animated GIF demonstrates the process of using the program.


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