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  1. Sure, feel free to use for showcasing. I did rewrite this part as desertfish mentioned. And a few other things as well. But this is now built for the later versions of the emulator and since the "Try it now" function isn't update yet I've kept delaying updating the X16 game page etc. I'll just add the latest version here for convenience. I more or less thought I was done with this when I was at the version that is on the X16 game page but I keep tinkering with it every now and then. Updates since the .5 version includes More enemies and a new bomb type More levels Higscore tracking (though this sort of a temporary solution at the moment) Lots of code optimizations to improve C64 version (which isn't really relevant here) And generally trying to make the code better organized petaxian.prg
  2. Ah, yes. The description hasn't been updated for a while. I took this as a gentle reminder and have done so now. The text should better reflects the current state of the project. I'll update the game in the CX16 pages when it can work with the latest emulator.
  3. No, I'm not experiencing noticable slowdown on C64. The last update really helped a lot here. I've just commited some updates with a couple of more enemies, more stages and a new bomb types now so the games should hopefully be more challenging as well. I got some comments that it was a bit easy At least I have not been able to complete the game myself yet after the update.
  4. I didn't get around to checking out the new compiler before now but there is a marked improvement in Petaxian when all enemies are on screen and moving with the latest update. I definitly use a lot of logical expresion and tons of array indexing so assume the above update is why Very very nice.
  5. Keyboard isn't as good as a controller that is true. And I may have played the game a few times more than you for some reason . And well spotted, it's a D&D sheet. Though this was printed for my son and not myself. I haven't been able to inspire my son to take up computers and programming, but I did manage get him into D&D.
  6. I've had my old C64, 1741 floppydrive and an old Samsung "portable" TV in the attick so to speak for, well something like 30 to 35 years. During the the Corona period I dragged this out and tested and unfortunately my C64 didn't work anymore. Got the Light Blue/Blue screen without any text so I guess it could one of the ROMs that are bad. However, I did get hold of another C64 a few years ago that I hadn't tested yet. I found out the old power supplies where untrustworthy so I didn't want to risk anything and it took me a while to get around to order a new. Well, now I have new powerbrick (ordered from here : https://www.c64psu.com/c64psu/43-1488-commodore-64-c64-psu-power-supply.html) and the other C64 works without any trouble so far. Even the 1741 workes fine. At least 4 of the 5 old floppies (with hrm, "backups") works. I still didn't have any way to get the game over to the C64 but after looking a bit only I ended up with a TapeCartSD solution (cheap, easy to use for non-disk images like prg files). So today I tested Petaxian on real hardware for the first time. I may have to make the game a bit harder since I beat this on first try even with the terrible joystic (none of the decent joystic I bought back then lasted very long as far as I remember). The screen quality of the TV wasn't great when it was new, and has probably not gotten any better in the last 35 years and the antenna output is pretty bad as well. I actually tested with a monitor I have that takes just about anything as input (including from antenna) and the picture quality was actually worse than the one in the CRT. I'll just have to order C64 to SCART plug. Those are pretty cheap.
  7. It's so nice to see so much regular progress for Prog8. BTW, I first encountered a language with "piping" syntax during my university days. That was in the BETA programming language (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BETA_(programming_language)). There is looked like this (* x = 1 *) 1 -> x ; (* x = f(1) *) 1 -> f -> x ; (* res = fibonacci(1,5) *) (1,5) -> fibonacci -> res; Multiple parameters was supported and "safe" so that (x, y) -> (y, x) did a "swap". This syntax is a lot easier read for long functions chains but I have to admit that I never got 100% comfortable with this syntax style. I guess the traditional Algol syntax was already firmly embedded in my skull by the time I encountered BETA.
  8. I started out using Emacs in plain text mode which worked well enough for me. Though I have mainly switched to Visual Studio Code with Adam Kubiczek's syntax highlighting (https://github.com/akubiczek/Prog8-TmLanguage-VsCode) now. Generally, I prefer fairly basic editors over IDE's and it turns out VSC does the lightweight IDE well.
  9. Sure. I use this on WIndows 7 (old stationary pc) and Windows 10 (laptop). Never had any problems getting this to work. BTW, I have just set up a few small bat scripts to compile and/or run stuff. This on I use just to build the Petaxian code, I have variants that can take program name as argument, build for C64 instead for XC16 etc. SET PATH=%PATH%;.. SET jar=..\prog8compiler-7.5-all.jar IF %computername%==BIFROST ( SET javap="C:\Program Files\OpenJDK\jdk-\bin\java.exe" ) ELSE ( SET javap="C:\Program Files\OpenJDK\jdk-\bin\java.exe" ) %javap% -jar %jar% -srcdirs cx16 -target cx16 petaxian.p8 ..\cmdrx16v38\x16emu.exe -joy1 SNES -run -prg petaxian.prg
  10. Very nice. My only currently working project (https://www.commanderx16.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/182-petaxian/) still compiles and run fine though there is no reason to rebuild and upload yet. I have made the Git project public (https://github.com/cyborgar/Petaxian) in case anyone want to look at a bit larger Prog8 code example compared to the mostly smaller examples coming with the compiler. I have organized code in multiple files/modules. Though there is no code protection this does require explicit references when crossing modules and that helps a lot with visibility. I have (slowly) started on another clone game (this one is going to copy liberally from Llamasoft's Gridrunner) but I've just gotten started. I'm going to focus on getting it to work on C64 before I'll probably port it to CX16.
  11. Ah, a fellow visitor to Skara Brae. I also played the original on C64 and bought the remasters. I never played the second or third game on C64 and haven't gotten started on those in the remaster either. I have fond memories of playing this (with a suitable stack of gridpaper), though I have to admit that without the new automapper in the remaster I would never consider replaying these today.
  12. Right now I'm fine with 1. I'm basically not going to require the new functionality in the near future so the new compiler work with the old emulator for me.
  13. After the initial burst of work on this game to a reasonable looking state, things have as expected slowed down. Only a few things added this time Changed game over to defeat/victory with score "calculation" (bonus points for any lives at end of game) Some enemies have a chance to drop seeker bombs (slower bombs that move toward player) Made credits more like other info pages
  14. Yes indeed. I have tested this and had no problems importing and drawing a screen from binary input. Many thanks.
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