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  1. Someone on the unofficial Discord server reproduced this issue and appears to have discovered a fix. I'll probably get to it this weekend, unless someone beats me to it and submits a PR. Turns out this is probably a driver issue with OpenGL sync primitives (think "vsync"), so I was looking in the wrong place.
  2. You could potentially set one of the VIA timers, but they are not implemented yet in either x16emu or Box16.
  3. Right now, I'm not aware of any general-purpose access to the I2C bus that will be exposed. VIA#1 will be used to communicate with the RTC and SMC, using I2C protocol, but I don't know of any other I2C access or components on the system. (Note that the plan seems to be to run the keyboard and mouse through the SMC, so querying those for state would happen via I2C. This is because the team has had problems maintaining stable PS/2 communication straight through the VIAs.)
  4. I haven't been promoting it out of respect for the X16 team and in the hopes that work would continue on the official emulator. Also, there are a couple of things I'd like to resolve first, such as how to eliminate the need for Windows users to build their own ROMs. As far as I'm aware, I would not be allowed to distribute a build of the current ROM source code with Windows binaries of Box16.
  5. Well, I don't see the white screen problem on any of my systems at home. My previous thought was that it might be a problem with the Intel drivers, not Microsoft, if you're running with an Intel graphics card (on-board with the motherboard, or certain laptops, or something like that). It's also been suggested that multi-display systems may have issues. I could see that, especially if the displays output from different video cards, but I do develop on a multi-display system (different outputs on the same RTX 2080 card) and Box16 has no trouble having the window dragged between the two displays on that system. If there's no rom.bin, it should immediately exit after printing an error message to the console output. That console window probably closes too quickly to be read if you just double-click on box16.exe. If you're using the r38 rom.bin, instead of a build of the latest ROM source code on Github, then it should open and sit on a blue screen, but at least with the various UI elements like the menu bar at the top of the display. With a white screen and no UI, my guess continues to be that OpenGL failed to initialize for some reason, and I have no real way to know what that reason is right now, though I suppose I should add some popups or something to indicate the failure, and log messages to a file that folks can then send me. In any event, I've tested it on as many modern-ish computers as I have (with respect, I have not tested it on my Windows 95 or 98 laptops, nor my 486 or older computers, as those are... "out of scope", please use Windows 10 or Windows 11).
  6. I recently enjoyed playing through Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, a small 2D metroidvania title. In fact, I enjoyed it enough that I don't mind being a bit of a shill for the game, which is on sale on Steam for $4. That sale is an absolute steal, in my opinion. It's also available on other platforms, but doesn't appear to be discounted everywhere. The fourth entry in the series, MRUM took me about 5 hours to clear, unassisted, getting the "true ending". The game has a bit of a "Dark Souls" feel to its difficulty, with limited health between save points and bosses requiring some amount of pattern identification to defeat, but I personally weigh it as feeling more like a metroidvania, especially once you acquire one of the items that can restore health with each enemy kill. https://store.steampowered.com/app/428550/Momodora_Reverie_Under_The_Moonlight/
    I have no idea what anyone would complain about. I was able to score 7 whole points on Brutal. This is a perfectly faithful adaptation of the classic "Dark Souls of tapping" title it seeks to emulate. 5/5, will tap again. And again and again and again, until I make 8 points.
  7. Sometimes I think I want some good-looking Starfleet apparel. Then I remember that I have the approximate physical stature of a pakled freighter crew member, not a Starfleet officer.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if this gets nipped by admins for coming too close to "asking for updates". But I, for one, appreciate that it can be discouraging when there are long periods without new information. The X16's development has been much longer and fraught with unexpected setbacks than anyone had anticipated, not least of all because of the pandemic and subsequent logistics shortage. But to the best of our knowledge, the X16 is not dead. Dave still wants to see this platform released, and he or another member of the team will post when there is something of value to post about.
  9. I've since lost the kit, and the instructions, but as I recall this transformer was intended to sit between raw mains power and potentially expensive audio equipment, so uh.... I didn't want to guess. It was one of those old kits for driving banks of lightbulbs to music, based on several basic filters. Not a great loss, nor that complicated of a kit, but... I wasn't going to guess. Thing was probably unsafe anyways even in an enclosure, as it took mains power on one end and expected to put filtered mains power on an array of A/C sockets on the other end. My original plan to test it was to clear out my garage, plug an arduino into the audio input to provide a sweeping test tone, plug the A/C output into some work lamps, and the A/C input into a surge protector, then toggle the surge protector with a long stick. Also would have been my first finished kit to work on mains power, everything else I've done works at 12v or less and I can easily provide the power with batteries or my rinky-dink bench supply. I don't recall the name of the company, but when I went looking for them, I learned that they used to be a significant seller of radio kits, until their warehouse and/or headquarters was raided by the FBI. Apparently, government suspicion and legal battles over whether they were allowed to sell "radio equipment" was why they stopped selling electronics kits. But again, while they still seemed to be in operation, my queries went unanswered. Ah well.
  10. My dad found an old electronics kit in the garage and, not really having much use for it anymore but knowing that I was more into retro electronics these days, gave it to me. Sure enough, I went to solder it. Couldn't test it, though: It turns out it was missing a transformer, and the accompanying documentation only listed a part number from the company that made the kit. Alas, while the company appears to (technically) still be in operation, it didn't respond to emails inquiring about the part. Not even to say "we can no longer provide support for that kit", it was simply a black hole. Ah well.
  11. Reminds me of the movie Hidden Figures, about the computers who worked at NASA, before NASA brought in the tape-fed, refrigerator-sized contraptions that people today would identify as computers.
  12. The whole OST that these folks put together is pretty cool. This particular find from the Gigaleak is why I support efforts to preserve videogaming history in all its forms, including (and perhaps most importantly) source code and assets! So I'm very happy that Nintendo has done such a good job of preserving their own history, going back at least this far, that something like this was possible. I know they must've been horrified by the gigaleak -- it probably represents billions of dollars of value, frankly -- but without it, we probably never would have had the chance to hear this.
  13. I guess there was a thing starting to come about a couple years ago called "Minimal Fab", which was a machine, or series of machines, that could do custom, small-scale runs of chips. Still far too expensive for an individual (unless you're Tony Stark), but within reason for a robotics, industrial tools, or tech company that wants to fab their own small quantities of chips. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20657398
  14. Hrrrng... if I didn't have a day-job that I loved dearly, I would be all over both this and offering to help out with the kernal. I mean, I'm continuing to work on the emulator; albeit in my own fork that I haven't formally announced here, but has been named dropped here by others. Suddenly, so many things I want to add to my precious hobby time. And I've previously worked with 2-way communications in microcontrollers for various sensors, so adding a PS/2 communication routine here sounds like fun to me. I hope someone pops up who can help out with this.
  15. I'm glad to see folks respect the difficulty of the kit, as I recall Dave questioning a year or so ago whether folks would be over-eager to buy a kit and then fail to assemble it -- and need extensive troubleshooting support, assuming they haven't simply toasted various components through their molten metal mis-mangement. As I said earlier, I'm also intimidated. Willing to spend money and try, but still intimidated.
  16. Yeah, I'm struggling to find more up-to-date information. If someone comes across it, could they link it here?
  17. You could... edit the title? You know, if you don't want to distract people who don't associate this website with politics, and thus gather the wrong impression. Looks like I can still edit titles on posts I made many months ago. I feel confident that this is within your power.
  18. Whether x16tial intended to insult isn't really the point, though. Personally, I read the title as an insult towards much of the community, and it seems I'm not alone in that assessment. I can't even imagine how such a supposed reference is supposed to be contextual enough on a site like this for most people to read it any other way. That's all I really want to say in this discussion.
  19. Capcom's artists have produced some really great music as well. It happens that as I went looking, the first video result's top comment was "This soundtrack is one of the reasons why i became a musician, true story": But I want to offer a special shoutout to an indie artist going by the name RushJet1. I absolutely fell in love with their remixes when they first started posting on Youtube, and I follow their Youtube channel to this day: Tell me the whole OST isn't absolutely rocking, I dare you: https://rushjet1.com/album/mega-man-3-remade
  20. Well, let's get this started with one of the most famous examples of video game music ever: The Opera Scene. I mean, there were other pieces of videogame music I've enjoyed and felt were very good, but if there was one title that cemented the idea in my head that I would be listening to game music for the rest of my life, because it was fantastic... that would be this. Square had and continues to have fantastic artists. Another master from their history includes Yasunori Mitsuda. The entire soundtrack from Xenogears is a masterwork.
  21. Those are some shmexy cases, to be sure. :3
  22. The PC market was also always much more heavily fragmented than the X16 would ever be. If the X16 were more of an open, customizable platform, with install bases in the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, but with multiple competing standards on many subsystems and components, then X16 developers would be incentivized to write software with multiple hardware configurations in mind. But there will be one X16, and maybe the X8. And the install base will be in the hundreds, maybe (maybe!) the thousands. This is much less incentive for wide support, especially if folks write software to be released for free, as opposed to software they intend to sell. Or, to the extend that wide support is encouraged, it will be by developing to the minimum spec shared between the two machines.
  23. I suppose that's where the ambiguity of text comes into play, because I read it as almost the opposite -- he's open to releasing the X8, and it meets many of his programming/experience goals, but he's hesitant because it still falls short of the full X16e he had envisioned and wants to ship. Edited to add: If bifurcating the community between the two platforms is not a concern, then I think Bruce probably has the right idea. Get crowdfunding going with what can be shipped now (or imminently), and let the market sort itself out.
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