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  1. That makes sense, tks a lot for helping me in the path to "retro" as I'm a real newby ... New in Retro, that's weird
  2. Hi, Is it linked to WASD keyboard here [https://www.wasdkeyboards.com/commander16-by-the-8-bit-guy.html] ?
  3. Hi, WASD seems to sell this keyboard for Commander X-16 [https://www.wasdkeyboards.com/commander16-by-the-8-bit-guy.html]. Is it official or affiliated in any way ? It's really costy ! Rgds
  4. Hello, I'm 50 and very happy to discover this community of enthusiastic people. I did watch a lot of content from "The 8-bit guy" and "The Fractic family" which led me to (or is it a cap ? anyway!) start investigating. So I started to read a lot of 65c02 home brew computer thing as well (mostly David Buchwald, Ben Eater, Dirk Grappendorf, Willes mine Co., and so on) and finaly this X 16 is so cool ! I'm hope we'll soon be able to embrace this little jewel. I think I'll start to play with cc65 in a near future and contribute as well to share my humble stone with all of you. Woops! I forgot to mention the invaluable You tube channel from Matt Heffernan. Cheers.
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