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  1. Lorin Millsap, thanks for insight in this. I've been able to change the code and it works. I even took the liberty to create an excel sheet with AA to ZZ so I can mark which I've used so far (or can't use like IF and FN )
  2. Hi all, Firstly I'll give the code: So, what do I expect from this; for starters, that FLN increments until it reaches BLOCKS. I convert the FLN to string, by using STR$ and removing the space on the left, as I need to combine it with another string. But since it goes wrong here, it has to avail to continue the code. When I run the program it states by 104 that FLN stays 2, and FLNN$ stays 3. When I run the same code in QB64, it works flawlessly, so I'm not really sure on what I'm doing wrong here. Perhaps someone can try this and shed some light?
  3. Hiya, It's been ages since I programmed in Basic. I originally started out with c64 clone. My mom actually learned me some basic command, as she had learned once from her father. When I got my first PC, a Toshiba T3200, it has DOS 3.30 installed, or perhaps 4.10. I touched gwbasic every now and than. But it wasn't until a couple months later when a friend of mine installed MS-DOS 6.2. And I found qbasic, and that got me more and more into programming About a year later I was able to test two commodore 64's. Unfortunately I couldn't keep either. But my programming continued. Made a small detour with Visual Basic. For a brief period I made name in the qbasic/quickbasic scene with Linux shell/clone named qbinux. Later on I developed a piece of software for small call centers, starting in quickbasic, but soon realizing that it wouldn't suffice for the idea I had in mind. Since I was already a full time Linux user, I started looking for an alternative. Firstly I tried Freebasic, but still felt limited, and then I came across Gambas, a Visual Basic clone for Linux. I learned basic SQL, and voila, in about a month time I had develop a the first version of the software. In the following three years, I came up with a calendar, and even a way to make phone calls through the software, thanks to Android phones and ADB. Around that time I started working in IT, as a service desk agent, and my programming was reduced to nearly nothing. Until the bug started itching again, and I found QB64 which I've been using for the last couple of years. Every now and then I still use Gambas. My latest project in Gambas was a Laps-clone for my personal network, which consist of quite some devices. Also a couple years back I found the YouTube channel of the 8-bit guy, and then I found Retro Recipes. And many more followed. And at a certain point I was thinking about getting myself a C64. And just around that time David started talking about a dream of his. And so, now I am waiting until the commander x16 is available. Have a nice one, and thanks for having me! Bas
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