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  1. I'm on the case to purchase one of these keybs -Just the standard official version is just fine for me as I've found a whole host of options on the shops URL hehh
  2. Hey folks, Just doin' my usual, popping by, showing support and saying hello. Based in sunny england and don't do much else apart from putering, if any of you need datacenter time, compute, space, bandwidth and such I have wholly owned kit for use, CNC, 3D print rapid dev and CAD/CAM if needed. Collection of ACORN, Commodore and other older compute I have used or gained through time. Here to assist and help really where possible and become part of the community with regards to the Commander X16 and more. Kind regards, Darren Wise wisecorp.co.uk thirah.com kotidc.com
  3. Wow small world, midlands UK too :) -I'm on the hunt for a pre-order of the chickenlips edition, I mean Commander X16 :D
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