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  1. Is there any current motivation to formally integrate the Commander X16 emulator into RetroPie or any other emulation software package? I know about a week ago @Strider had a great topic about emulation and retro gaming, but it never seemed that the idea of the Commander X16 emulator being ported to an emulation package was discussed. Maybe I just missed it. I have been unofficially messing with it on my own, and have it about 75% complete, with it integrated into the Hursty joystick theme. There are a couple of issues with the more advanced graphics software applications crashing on the Raspberry Pi. I have not delved into it, and it could be a simple configuration problem on my part. It would be interesting to see if the same happens on the PC version. Might be a good, free way to advertise the product for the future. Have a super weekend everyone!
  2. Thank you so much. I spent four years in central Germany, in Wuerzberg to be exact, back in '89. I wish it hasn't been so long since I spoke your language, German was fun to learn. Such a beautiful country and many friendly people! Have a great day!
  3. Welcome! A lot of friendly and helpful people here. Have fun! Just in case you haven't already found it on the YouTube: Commander X16 Assembly Language Tutorial I know it has helped me and many others. Have a great day!
    Excellent version! Well worth the play! The single suggestion I have is, if you set the computer to play itself could this not be an automatic process? Maybe you have a reason in mind, as you described above in your breakdown, but I though it a little excessive to have to tab through each players move. Maybe allow it to run automatically, and if the observer wants to see how a play went they could pause it with a button push and tab back and forth a couple of moves. Just a suggestion, does not detract from the main play ability at all. Thank you for your contribution!
  4. Happy Friday!






  5. LOL.. Lets add another verse shall we. As soon as it rolled out the door, the artists, the programmers, and designers got 1/10 the amount made by the share holders, the CEO and upper management, when they made you sign away your creative rights for working at their company, and then they paid some idiot like me to make a video to try and shame others who realized the scam, and tried to get some of our intellectual property rights back by having a little fun. It doesn't roll off the tongue like the dude in the video, but I was improvising and I have had a beer or two...
  6. My goal for tomorrow is to get x16emu working on my upright arcade and running Lemonade Stand..  Why you ask?  Because my friend, it is Friday!

    Wherever you are, have a great evening!


    *NOTE:  All well wishes are in my local moment.

  7. Thanks for visiting my slice of heaven, and have a wonderful day! :classic_biggrin:


    My new screensaver, if the emulator didn't peg my cpu's!
  8. Love the introduction! I think a lot of us share your sentiment! Welcome and have a wonderful day!
  9. Avast ye swabby, we did a lot of high seas adventures back in my day. We had to step it up a notch from just typing in code from the back of magazines. I remember that was the main reason I got a job at Godfathers Pizza when I lived in Washington; so I could afford the 300 baud modem. That and hacking into the order computer at work so we could print out stuff. Couldn't afford both the modem and the printer you know. The balance to my mischief was I had to prep-cook at 6 a.m. on the weekends to get the stuff off the printer before the manager got in. We must have spent many a bleary-eyed weekend on various BBS's sending messages, and downloading whatever we could get our hands on. I think the first game I ever plundered was Nemesis The Warlock and second for sure was Elvira The Arcade Game. After that it was a blur.. I even remember one of the smarter guys in our group setup a BBS over a Terminal Node Connector and was transferring data over the radio waves. I think we had people from Denmark who logged in through the setup. Pretty amazing stuff for the time.. That is what I miss the most, the innovation, and not being separated by hundreds or thousands of miles from people who hold a similar interest (except the guys in Denmark ), or waiting for the next Con. to get together. Most of the developers I worked with throughout my career could not care at all about hacking hardware or software just to see what made it tick or how to get it to work in ways it was not developed for.. Sorry went off the deep end... Great topic... Brings back the memories of late nights and creative friends.. Have a wonderful day!
  10. Glad you are here to have some fun! I am pretty new here too, so I don't have much to offer in the way of advice. Your story parallels my own experience and motivation for being here. Just wanted to say hello and welcome. If you haven't already found it, may I suggest: Matt Heffernan's Youtube channel on Assembly programming. Have a wonderful day!
  11. I can understand this feeling. I had a ton of equipment when I was younger and in college, but then I "grew up" and it all "disappeared". Now I am, little by little, getting things here and there, but missing my old stuff. I acquired a couple of TRS-80 CoCo 2's, one had a bad joystick port. I know lots of people dump on this system, but I always thought it was a blast. Love the old Loadrunner so got it up and playing. Created a joystick using a ATTiny85 and some leftover arcade parts. Trying for a Toshiba T1000 now. Really miss the 8088/8086 processor. I don't think I will get much more that this though. Other than the Commander x16 when it arrives!! About 10-20 years ago you could pretty much get anything you wanted for a decent price, but today I see mangled systems going for 100's. Sign of the times I guess. Have a great day everyone!
  12. I think the color alone might qualify it for all three categories. I remember the first time my wife saw it; instantly dubbed it the Incredible Hulk. I was thinking about making it even uglier by wrapping the top in wood grain laminate. I run several pi's too. I think my favorite to play with is the OpenWRT, however, the one I put the x16emu is what I have been spending time with lately. Thanks for the reply! Have a great evening!
  13. Can we add a more modern hybrid into the competition? I have had to fix this computer twice, since I bought it for my son to work on. 1. I guess when they developed the idea of the sliding keyboard they did not take into account the number of times someone would open and close it. The mini 8 pin ribbon cable which connects the keyboard to the driver board, over time fractures from the stress, and becomes an intermittent fault. 2. I also had to add a fan, which circulates air when the keyboard is closed, since their giant heat sink is starting to effect the plastic of the keyboard. Again, I guess they assumed someone would not keep it running for days at a time. 3. And finally, the holes which are suppose to secure and align the raspberry pi for its connection to the power/driver board are not spaced properly. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories! I was beginning to think I would not find a group of people who had some of the same experiences as myself growing up. Nice to see so many enthusiasts out there. Have a great day!
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