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  1. Maybe this could be of use? https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Games/Techniques/2D_collision_detection
  2. Pretty sure he has not set up a Patreon for that purpose (but he did say he might do it, see his post on page 7).
  3. Seems you can, I got this from mesi on Prog8's Github: I will go and try that
  4. Hello programmers of Millfork and Prog8. I have now used a lot of time to see if Prog8 has this Millfork function: I want to extract just one byte from a word variable and I just can't seem to figure it out in Prog8. Is it possible? PS I'm still deciding which languages I want to use, Prog8 or Millfork (maybe I should make a Prog8 VS Millfork thread).
  5. In the tutorial you point out: "Please not that in the current version of emulator position 0,0 is in the top left corner of the visible screen. It means that sprite can’t be drawn left or above the visible screen to allow for gradual entry into the visibility. I am assuming this might change in the future and this text will be updated accordingly." I asked about this in this post : https://www.commanderx16.com/forum/index.php?/topic/350-outside-objects-coming-into-view/ So you think they are going to change that behavior?
  6. Nice, but could only get to level 2, all aliens dead but the stage did not end. Also. sometimes your shots does not hit most left side aliens. Otherwise nice wish it was harder Game Version: 0.3 Emu Version: Windows R38
  7. Thanks for the explanation, it was really helpful. I used the basic sprite example to test it out. Seems that X coordinate starts over at $400 or 1024 (so the same as $000 or 0). Still not sure how to make an "underflow" even in assembler, well I might be able to do it to 1 byte, but the X coordinate consist of 2 bytes.
  8. As a new programmer on very limited hardware, how do you make sprites and background appear from outside the monitors border? It seems very easy for the RIGHT and BOTTOM sides, since you just use higher X & Y values then the screen mode use. But you can't use negative values on sprites.... So what's the trick I'm missing?
  9. I'm using Millfork together with VScode (it even has a add-on for Millfork & X16emu). Still a good idea to know a little bit about 6502 assembler since some commands in Millfork (like vera_poke), is a little bit slow if you only want to poke 1 thing into the Vera (it pokes 3 values every time). Happy coding
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