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  1. So I installed LUbuntu. Now I have a multi-emulator computer -- It runs DOSBox, VICE and X16 really well. I just need to set up the keyboard mapping and get them to run full screen. Thanks for the suggestions, folks!! Greg
  2. Right now I have a raspberry pi 3 running Retro Pie for arcade, a couple NES games, and a couple 64 games. I have two old usb game pads that I got at the thrift store that I use to play games on, but I am working on a proper arcade control panel. Right now, the Pi is connected to a 52 in TV that is mounted on the wall in my games room, and when get all the buttons wired up and into the control panel, I'll mount that right under the TV. After that, my next project is to 'make' a Commodor Pet inspired cabinet for an old PC that I have. I have installed LUbuntu on the PC and I have a couple emulators on it -- DOSBox, CommandX16, VICE (for C64 stuff). I think maybe I should post some pics or videos of the progress... Greg
  3. Wow, guys... I gotta say, my first job out of college was 'managing' a computer store (that means I was the only guy working there, and the main store was across town) that sold mostly Commodore stuff. When new games came in, the manager of the main store would open it up, make copies for everybody, and re-shrink wrap it. And when I say everybody, that meant all us 'managers' (mine wasn't the only satellite store, after all). I'd make a trip to the main store once a week and get all the new stock for the store and stuff for myself. The idea was that we needed to know about the new stuff so when people asked, we could give honest opinions. If some of my friends took advantage of me and made copies when I accidentally left them alone, then, well... that's on them. That store, unfortunately, closed down, like, 20 or 30 years ago now... sad, really. Then I found Linux and my life changed... Greg
  4. Thanks for the feedback... My idea was to convert an old laptop to one that ran only the X16 emulator. The laptop I have is way too under powered to run any graphic version of Linux (or at least, too under powered to run Ubuntu... maybe a more light weight debian distro would work) but it does run Ubuntu server pretty well... I installed Ubuntu server originally to set up a Minecraft server for my kids -- it worked okay, right up until somebody logged onto it:) then it really got laggy, so that was scrapped. But, while I was fiddling with the CLI server, it reminded me of running a very old lap top computer with DOS... But, it sounds like this will be a pain to get running and may run worse than it would under a graphical environment. Thanks. Greg
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question... if it is not, I am very sorry... please point me to a better match. I have an old laptop that I've installed Ubuntu Server on. It's basically Linux, but without a GUI layer. I want to use this to run the X16 emulator... is this possible? Has anybody done this before? I don't want to dive down a long rabbit hole only to find out that it's not even possible. So, I just want to know if it can be done... Thanks. Greg
  6. Hello all. My name is Greg. I had a C64 back in the day. I typed all my college labs on it and printed it out with my MPS 801. One instructor asked me to get a new printer 'cause he didn't like the way it printed 'g' and 'y'... Got my 64 when I was in grade 10. I hacked it apart, installing a reset switch by soldering some wires onto the ground and reset pin of the card slot (I think it was the card slot). I put a drive number select switch and write protect by pass switch on my 1541. I had a pocket modem -- a 300 baud third party modem that I had to replace the relay -- it only ever did pulse dialing. I'm really looking forward to some nostalgia with this machine. Been fiddling with the emulator. Greg
  7. What's a pirate's favourite letter? You'd think it was Rrrrrrr.... but ye'd be wrong... it's the C. Yeah... software piracy on my old 64... Is there a statute of limitations on this stuff? Did anybody else have a copy of MULE where the 'store' was scrambled and you had to 'feel' your way though it?
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