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  1. I guess a related topic is: how many can be produced per day/week/month, or if it might be necessary to ration.
  2. I don't remember there not being a Not instruction in 6502. I must not have even needed it or it would have made an impression on me. Still it's easy enough to construct one if necessary: Not n = 255 - n, for an 8 bit number. Learned that from Brainf***.
  3. Unofficial motto: 'Sachse is sexy'. Hint: it's not.
  4. Looks like I won't need to worry about it then, which is the ideal situation.
  5. Will it be possible to detect the clock speed setting/jumpers programatically? In case I have a program that is sensitive to processor speed, I would like to automatically adjust a delay routine so that program usage is transparent to the user. If not, I suspect that most people will be using 8Mhz anyway.
  6. Thanks for the advice. About 90% of anything I will write will easily fit within 1k. I used to use the C64 Machine Language Monitor cartridge, so I'm right at home with the X16 monitor. I'll probably use that exclusively.
  7. Wow! That sounds facinating! Compiles a prime number generator to 54 bytes. In any other computer that would be 5 megabytes. Once I get back up to speed on 6502, I'll be all over it.
  8. In modern systems I use an SD card and even thumb drives as more or less permanent storage. But if it was the main way to load programs, I would almost certainly switch it in and out at least weekly or even several times a day if I'm actively developing something. Still not a deal breaker where ever it ends up.
  9. A typical start address that would be familiar to most? While I don't plan to use BASIC or KERNAL, I want to stay out of those areas. Is $0400 ok?
  10. I-30, 635, Hwy 121. All under perpetual construction. Already obsolete before construction began.
  11. That's not unusual. Lots of people have lived in Dallas their whole life and never heard of Sachse.
  12. Well, technically I'm in Sachse, which is basically Garland.
  13. I predict the second 8 bit revolution.
  14. I will most definitely check that out (in the next 10 minutes). I discovered this amazing project literally yesterday, and I'm hooked.
  15. That VERA board is looking like a very versitile video/sound adapter. I'll bet it gets used by lots of developers and hobbyists.
  16. Glad to hear about the X16 project. I'm going to get busy with the emmulator and get back up to speed on 6502.
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