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  1. So funny story i bought the new atari vcs console. And i was a little underwhelmed with it as a gaming console its OS left alot to be desired... but it runs Linux very well. I actually currently work from home on my atari. Hahaha
  2. @Strider So in my bedroom i have a busted Chromebook behind my tv. Its running GalliumOS, and it connects to my tv via HDMI and i just have a SABRENT 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub that runs from the Chromebook under the tv and sitting right in front (I have it stuck to my entertainment stand with Velcro tape). I use a wireless keyboard mouse set that uses 1 dongle and i have the other ports for my different controllers. It does the job and the limited storage isnt such an issue since i mostly use it for retro gaming and video streaming.
  3. another good option is to buy chrome boxes, you can install galliumOs on them. Its a Linux distro for Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. Ive had alot of good results with it.
  4. Now I'm not taking over until after Next weekend when my Predecessor retires. They are Holding Marcon next weekend for the last year of the old guard. An artist Friend of the con made this Awesome poster. I'll post some pics when i come back.
  5. Fun Story, Ohio's oldest convention, Marcon almost shuttered over the pandemic. Anyway the lost a lot of convention talent over the years and they brought me in to get the convention back up to running for the 2023 year. I'm in the process if getting the webpage back up and reaching out to possible guests. We should be announcing the Convention in the next couple weeks. This should be interesting.
  6. Well see its got some interesting functions. From a press release: "Next up on our list of Analogue Pocket accessories is a series of cables that you can use to make some sweet music right from your handheld. Not only content with playing games, this handheld has a built-in Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) called Nanoloop. Think of it as a portable Pro Tools in your pocket. Analogue have release a series of cables that you can use to connect your pocket music maker up to your Mac or PC to create beats in real time and record your original tracks. You can even hook up a MIDI keyboard or synth to the handheld for extra features."
  7. I mean could you make a demo ... sure... all a demo is, is a demonstration of what you can make the apple 1 do. So yeah i mean someone could. The real question is... should someone make apple 1 demos.
  8. I mean i do like the the 2ds, defiantly one of my favorite more modern Nintendo consoles. But i mean this thing is pretty cool.
  9. I'm pretty stoked about it and bummed for further delays. But id rather them not rush a release.
  10. So soon coming is the analogue Pocket, its a new Gameboy compatible that runs off an FPGA. Is anyone excited for this?
  11. Oh i generally like TurboTax customers. But the ones who call me to argue with me...... they the worst
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