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  1. @ZeroByte Thank you for the link to onelonecoder. This was exactly what I was looking for
  2. I may well do that, but the point of building something like your own machine is to learn how. Even if it fails
  3. I’m building my own cpu (6502 clone out of TTL chips) and with all the amazing buzz around the commander x16 I’d like to expand this goal to a whole machine. Maybe even borrow some kernel code as I plan to support the same assembly instructions as the 6502 (assuming decimal isn’t used) Anyway, I’ve been trying to learn how vga works and have produced a 640x480 display, but don’t know how to drive the image. At this resolution I can’t realistically store a bitmap in memory, let alone two, so can’t draw the image to memory at my own pace. So was wondering how Vera does this. * Is it just so fast that it has the luxury of time to do this? * does it know how to render a line of sprit pixels as the scan line passes by? I’ve tried to look through the forum for details but typically find assembly instructions for controlling Vera, but not how Vera processes these instructions. Any info or links to documentation would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance, jason
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