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  1. OK, $1000 is a number right from the start (for X16) and not a string as with Applesoft ! I get it now, Thanks
  2. OK, thank you. Something else now (Or should I open another post ?) : Applesoft was not able to handle Hex values so I translated $xx into decimal via a subroutine. With C64 and X16, I can write POKE $xxxx, $yy but what if I use DATA ? 10 DATA $1000, $FF 20 READ A$, D$ 30 A = VAL(A$) : D = VAL(D$) : REM DOES NOT WORK !!!!! 40 POKE A, D : REM WILL POKE $00 INTO ADDRESS $0000 !!! 40 PRINT A, D : REM IS SAFER
  3. Hi there, I'm new to C64 and X16 programming (I did Apple //e BASIC and assembly prgs ages ago). My first program is basically a READ, POKE loop but READ DA$ issues a "ILLEGAL QUANTITY ERROR" on the X16 web emulator (it works on C64 emu). Obviously DA$ (standing for Data) is not allowed as a variable name but why ?
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