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  1. No, I just use direct manipulation of VRAM. The Kernal routines are limited, and not terribly useful unless you are doing something exactly like what they were written for, and the VRAM interface is really just as simple to use. Here's the video:
  2. That was definitely the highlight of the games I've discovered with this console. Never knew it existed, but it's a really good game! I think if it hadn't been shoehorned into the Street Fighter franchise, it might have fared better, as it's such a completely different kind of game.
  3. I did a couple livestreams playing around more with the "620 in 1" NES Classic clone, and edited them into a single video: If you want to see the original, unedited streams, they are on my second channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNPJDAcKcAUYfemAMwqa56g
  4. I bought one (well, actually two) of those NES Classic knock-offs from Wish out of sheer morbid curiosity. Turns out to not be quite as horrible as I had feared (which was really bad), as captured in my latest video:
  5. Target whichever one you are more comfortable with. Both are going to be on the X16. The PSG is going to give you something more like the C64 SID (but not quite) while the YM2151 will give you something like the AdLib or Sound Blaster FM synthesis (but not quite). The PSG can be programmed much more easily, but you can use commercial software (namely Deflemask) as a tracker for the YM2151 and get all the register writes and timing that you need to do. I made videos about both so you can see how they work: PSG: YM2151: I will also be making a video on how to use the PCM in the future, as well.
  6. Congrats! Hopefully it goes better for you than.... Leisure Suit Larry?
  7. I just happened to have these lying around:
  8. I'm not a professional educator, but I do actually make a living as a technology communicator, which has also driven my side gig as a creator of programming tutorials on YouTube. Please feel free to use my X16 tutorial series for any folks looking to go the extra mile (or kilometer, depending on location) and learn 65C02 assembly language: I have also dabbled in mixing C with assembly language:
  9. Oops, forgot Episode 3: And now, Episode 4 is out:
  10. He tried to add it, but the flux capacitor kept leaking.
  11. The last prototype had a YM2151 and both PSG and PCM in the VERA, just like the emulator. The SAA1099 is no longer on it, and was never emulated, anyway. Kevin made no mention of any changes to the sound for the third prototype, so it looks pretty set right now. The FAQ is a bit ambiguous, mostly due to staleness, just like the 8BG videos are very old now, the last coming out right after the first prototype was up and running. The only difference in the sound since the R38 emulator is a change to the addresses for using the YM2151, which is reflected in the most recent commit to the repo, which will eventually R39.
  12. I've had success using Krita for the actual drawing part, and then exporting it to Gimp to do the palette conversion.
  13. I use Gimp, and that works just fine on any desktop platform.
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