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  1. I don't think any of them are opposed to restoring common computers, like the C64 or Apple II. They are far more valuable in working operation. Something historic and rare like the Apple I would be a special case where it's too valuable as it is to modify, and nobody has one laying around that they want to get working again. That's why you see new PCB designs for making your own Apple I with off-the-shelf parts because nobody would dare tinker with a real one.
  2. In my newest vlog, I compare the ISAs of the 65C02 and Z80 to determine once and for all which classic 8-bit CPU is the GOAT!
  3. It's good to know that someone's not seeking to replace Gopher in 2021.
  4. Maybe the US government can buy whatever is left of Compuserve.
  5. In this week's vlog I answer questions from patrons, including going into why I got into the Commander X16 in the first place and what my plans are for more X16 games and content.
  6. He definitely has a big pile of dead 6510s, at least!
  7. I am considering getting a ZX Spectrum Next, maybe by the end of the series, depending on whether the series ends up being popular enough to justify the cost. If anybody has a NTSC Timex Sinclair 2068 they want to donate, I won't turn it down!
  8. See the video for the platform that will be the subject of my next assembly language tutorial series, programming for the other big 8-bit architecture.
  9. Why don't you just use the joystick API? It will automatically map to the keyboard if no controller is connected
  10. As there is conspicuously no G register on the Z80, you may be on to something here...
  11. New vlog on YouTube: If you wanted to see how to execute code in multiple segments of RAM with a single LOAD from BASIC, this is the video for you. See the description for the GitHub repo with example code and scripts.
  12. Yeah, we got a Switch this past Christmas, like apparently EVERYONE else, and the Nintendo servers went down, meaning that we couldn't redeem the gift cards we got or install all of the necessary patches to run them for TWO DAYS. I should have pulled my N64 out of storage!
  13. To turn that metaphor on its head, the farm gives us cows. Our friendly farm hand C says he can get you shoes. You say you want milk. Instead of just milking the cow, C has to reconstruct the cow from a bunch of shoes and cut a hole in one of the toes to pour milk through it.... or something.
  14. Next time someone asks me why I think it's easier to program in assembly rather than C for the X16, I'll point them to this thread.
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