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  1. I have until the next wednesday on vacation from my full time job here in Brazil to help you. Although I have not worked with that mcu (nor have it in hands) in particular, I am use to work with ATtiny+ATmega series as a hobbyist (not as a professional). The mcu datasheet seems pretty familiar comparing to other models I have used. I can develop in C with Arduino, when it finish I can also try to make it work without the Arduino Bootloader to save more memory. I can do in assembly too, but there is no need to do that way. I do not have experience working with keyboard+mouse interfaces (w/ PS2) with microcontrolers, there is a good library in github for that. Even so, I will have to study deeper to work with that. Until my vacation's end, I can help to work in this task. But I have no experience (as a professional) in doing that job!!!
  2. For some people who lives in other countries like me (Brazil), buying a fully assembled PC can bring a lot of taxes (over the whole price of the product), bringing a product whose price is lower and the size smaller could help us a lot. On the other hand, was a fully FPGA PC really the goal of the project? Why not porting the emulator to arm SBCs, then? About the X16: I prefer buying separate diy modules and assembly/solder the parts by myself, I don't mind having a case btw
  3. is there any forecast for the sale of the Commander X16?
  4. That's awful! In my country import taxes will make the CX16 totally unfeasible, but it looks like there is nothing we could do to change that... About the chips I have bought I will try to do something with them
  5. Hello Buddies, I would like to introduce you a very good extension for those who uses VS Code to program in assembly for ours X16, it's the Retro Assembler: It makes the Syntax Highlighting to the Editor Screen, just click in the Language Mode and search for 65C02 like the following picture: Hope it can help you buddies, because it helped me!!
  6. Thanks a lot this has answered my question. I am a little bit sad I cannot run the X16 with my 6502 here, the 65C02 is quite expensive... But the trouble was shot, thanks a lot. I have just ordered in mouser W65C02S6TPG-14 and W65C22S6TPG-14 for that.
  7. Buddy I am your fan, you are such a great teacher for me with your videos!! I have programmed in assembly before, but for mcus not for cpus like 6502. I will follow your and evilthecat's advice and go for the assembly option! Could you, please, answer me one question: in your video series you tell the 65C02 has more instructions than the older 6502, but here in my home I have only 6502. If I try to assemble a X16 with the 6502, could that cause some trouble by running programs which have these new instructions? Thanks in advance!
  8. I'm starting to study application development for the CX16. Do you recommend to do that by learning CX16 assembly programming or BASIC? I'm loving so much to follow the 8-bit Guy's hardware development, I am very excited to have good news soon! Thanks in advance!
  9. Muito Obrigado, meu caro!! Como eu faço para saber em que posso contribuir para o Projeto? --- Thanks, Buddy! How can I find out how I can help in the project?
  10. Hi buddies, I am very excited to contribute to the Commander x16 project! I have some experience in doing PCB's in my Engineering and I am starting to learn how assembly language works. Hope I can help someway.
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