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  1. I feel like an idiot, this seems so obvious. They even tell you in the documentation. I'll probs add a pull request for the two line fix just so they can advertise that OpenBSD is a supported platform.
  2. I realize that bsd and unix likes as a whole aren't a target currently but since the only dependency was sdl2 I figured I'd give compiling it a shot. it actually compiled with gnu make without any errors, "Sweet!" I thought. then I try to run it and I get a segmentation fault. No problem, I know my way around a C code base. So I pop it in gdb and find out that the literal 2nd line of code ran fails. 451 char *base_path = SDL_GetBasePath(); the app doesn't check if SDL returns a valid pointer, so that's a bug! I just added two lines to fix it... 452 if (!base_path) 453 base_path = SDL_strdup("./"); then I copied over a "x16emu" to a copy of the current linux release (kyoto), just to have the rom.bin, and I run into the next issue. I really don't know how to fix this next one, the app is just stuck on a blue screen. it's like everything works but the main logo and basic prompt just don't load. any advice?
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