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  1. ikari

    Hi from Poland!

    You can see me quickly learning basics of X16 BASIC test coloring in otherwise horrible code in the intro sequence of the "forever"-upcoming first episode
  2. ikari

    Hi from Poland!

    *Puts 34th mark on the "years of the same joke" line ;-)* Thank you
  3. Hi all! I came here from Perifractic's YT ;-) My name's Cezar, you can find me on Twitter under @ikari and recently also as @RetroFunPL :) But the first YT video is in the long way of making still (featuring a CPC6128 plus). I've been a CPC literally *all* my life (the computer predates me), Amstrad is what taught me programming (so kinda got me a job in the end). Sadly, no Commodore experience (longer than 2 hours of gaming) until very recently when I discovered the C64 Maxi and added some original C64s to my collection. So don't just tell me "it's just like C64 BASIC, you know the drill" in the docs! :P I love to see the project grow and I hope to get my hands on one as soon as possible (which means both the machine being available AND i'm getting out of debt from buying the previous ones, lol).
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