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  1. Welcome, Nadia! I'm with you 100% on both of these! More specifically, the Boring Business Design and Windows OSs beyond 2000. I look forward to seeing what you come up with on the X16!
  2. Hello there, my neighbor to the north! Good to see someone from my neck of the woods on here!
  3. I was a C-64 kid in the 80s, and mastered BASIC during that time. I knew nothing of assembly language then, but since the Commodore fueled my interest in Computer Science, I'm very interested in writing some code for this new take on an old familiar favorite! If anyone else from my area happens to be lurking on this forum, shoot me a message, as I'd very much like to geek out with other fans. I have 2 sons, 14 and 8-years old, both of which love modern PCs. My youngest one actually spent some time learning BASIC on the C-64 and my Famicom BASIC setup, so he's a new generation of fan for these classic pieces of hardware. When the hardware releases, I'd love to show off my system at the Louisville Arcade Expo (Arcade, pinball, classic video game systems show).
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