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  1. Thanks for the links. My first program I want to write would be an appointment Calendar for the x16 with some nice graphics for the day. Once program loads you type in the month that you want to add data to. then once on that screen you type in the day number which would open an editor to add times of reminders and description for that day. Once you are done writing all the appointments you have for that month you can save the updated calendar file either to the hard disc or to a floppy for load up later. I figured this maybe too hard to write in basic so I thought maybe handling more variables would be more suited for assembly. Again thanks for the links, I will continue to follow the series on YT while also reading this more basic documentation and hopefully eventually everything will start clicking in my head.
  2. @SlithyMatt Hi I am a new programmer who is having a lot of difficultly understanding the assembly tutorials. I did some basic tutorials for the x16 but the program I want to write would be very difficult to write in basic, which I why I decided that assembly may be my best option. Do you have any advice for figuring out assembly for a beginner. I understand that I am calling things and preforming operations at certain hexadecimal addresses but when things like stack pointers are brought up it becomes very confusing and I have trouble understanding what is going on when I call these hexadecimal addresses. I understand that this is supposed to be more advanced because I am writing machine code, so I am not faulting your tutorials... just wondering if you have any advice to make it easier to understand.
  3. Thank you so much for the resources. I got the emulator setup and have figured out how to make that work. Tomorrow morning I'll start doing my first basic program using the "Snake" guide as well as start working on a concept for an original code I can make.
  4. Hi, my name is Nadia, and I am so happy to be making my first post here. I am new to the world of retro computing, I am only 22 so the 8bit computers were long fazed out by the time I was born, However I have a love for computers and computer Hardware. I discovered many retro YTubers and learned so much from them about the systems of Yesteryear. This new found passion has me excited for the new X16 and learning to code for it...(This will be my first coding experience :) ) I hope to meet many new people on here as I begin my journey in the world of 8bit computing. Here is some fun facts about me if you care to read: Likes: Synth Music, Paint Programs, and Video Games that dont require 100 hours to beat Dislikes: Modern Game Industry, Boring Business Design, Any windows OS above 2000 Favorite Movie: Hackers (1995)
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