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  1. I also found that if I make a Darlinton pair transmitter I can get a lot more power transmitting on AM. This is just from a unit using a 9v battery and a TV antenna on the output. But did I get bigger coupling since I am near a power line. That may have boosted my signal by a lot.
  2. Well I do live near the Appalachian mountains. Maybe my body was a 2nd ground. My antenna was around 30ft long. Aldo found this. http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Technology/tis/info/pdf/culter.pdf
  3. When I made a crystal set radio it picked up one station every well. But I think the antenna had to be off the ground by one meter or by the wavelength off the ground. Can anyone verify this? Can anyone verify that a PF53012 can work as a fet based crystal radio set for the mystery crystal set radio? Reflexhttp://techlib.com/electronics/reflex.htm Mystery http://kearman.com/bentongue/xtalset/19mstry/19mstry.html Regerative
    I think is a good little chess game. But I am no expert at the game. I tried playing the AI against itself. Then I played white out on very easy mid game when I saw with had the advantage. Then got check mate on very easy. So since I am so bad at the game I have to say Very Easy is so easy that even a novice like myself could win. Or is that cheating.
    Good little brain teaser game. I did not expect to get tripped up on the next level.
  4. http://www.vintage-basic.net/games.html Here is the source code to some old .bas games. Just copy and past the source code on the grey side of the commander X16 online emulator and some if not most of the text based games should run in it.
  5. I found some simple text games in .bas and copy and pasted the code on the emulator online to get it to run .bas games. And This was new to me.
  6. I was surprised that the emulator worked on my linux mint as soon as I unzipped it so thanks for that. But this may have been before but why can't I drag and drop programs onto the X16 emulator? The idea was to take existing programs or basic text and paste and debug or convert them over to CX16. Though I may not know what the heck I am doing. I even tried to do rust on CX16.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory_management_unit I looked it up on wiki and the MMU could address 2mb or more using some sort of pages and addressing memory to find store data on a page with algorithms for least used data so the most used data would be easier to access. I forgot I posted this page . I guess memory management units help systems use larger banks of memory.
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