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  1. Cool. I look forward to your game. And welcome.
  2. Greetings all. Came to the forums for help a few times, thought I might make an introduction. I'm a software engineer living in Kentucky. Came back home after ten years working for Amazon and Microsoft in Seattle. I was kind of part of the 8-bit scene as a kid, and kind of not. I had an Atari 400, but my mom set it up for me for games and I only found out it was a full computer until my 20s. So fond memories of cartridge games, but I missed out on the computer side of it. Instead my computer experience was mostly on a hand me down Corona IBM compatible luggable, which I really wish I still had. So a couple years ago I scored an atari 800xl, which kick started my interest in the computing side of 8 bit hardware, and restoration. And picking up the x16 followed on from that. Really enjoying it. Looking forward to tackling assembly after I finish playing with BASIC. The culture at my university was to steer students away from assembly, which did us a real disservice. So it will be a new thing for me. Cheers all Auntie
  3. Thanks! that's super useful. Still curious why the basic load command doesn't work, but I won't be using it anymore anyway now I know this.
  4. When I launch the emulator with an sdcard, the LOAD"$",8 command doesn't work anymore. When I try it, I get "Searching for $" then "Loading from $0801", and it just sits there indefinitely. The same command returns a directory that I can LIST just fine when I don't mount an sdcard. Oddly, the X16 Edit text editor, and the DIR.PRG directory listing apps can get listings from the sdcard. And I'm able to save/load from the sdcard if I already know the file name. With the DIR.PRG program, I can at least get a directory listing, so it's not critical. But I am very confused why the standard BASIC command isn't working. Any info or advice that might help enlighten? And thanks again for helping a newbie
  5. Edit: mystery solved. Thanks for the help. TL:DR how can I open basic files from the downloadable Edit x16 editor in Windows, or write basic files in something like notepad++ that are readable by x16 basic? Hi, I've been tinkering with the x16 emulator for a couple days and love it, but I'm kind of stumped by something. I've been writing basic at the x16 basic prompt. I want to switch to an actual editor. I want to be able to read my basic files in Windows 10 for copying/sharing/etc. I did finally figure out how to get a vhd set up. The emulator can use it, then I can mount it to access, then unmount to use again. But nothing seems compatible. I haven't found anything in Windows that can read/edit my basic files saved from x16 BASIC. I copied them to the new vhd to try the Edit x16 text editor, but it reads them as full of garbage. I tried Edit x16 without the vhd, but it doesn't see any storage device without the -sdcard flag. I wouldn't mind starting over with the Edit x16 editor, but when I mount the vhd in Windows, I haven't been able to open the files in anything I've tried. I guess the ideal solution would be a way to read the Edit x16 files in Windows, or else a way to write files in Windows in an editor like notepad++ and quickly load them on the emulator. Probably I'm missing something obvious, but I'm not sure what. Thanks for any help
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