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  1. Thanks everyone! I'll try the wireless one (since it has the right connector). I'd like to eventually develop for the X16 so I don't mind paying a bit extra for nicer hardware. Now I just need to find a Slik Stik clone for Fix It Felix...
  2. I just ordered an inexpensive pair of SNES clone controllers through an eBay sell to use with PETSCII Robots on my C64. I've noticed that both are really glitchy and don't always send data to the computer, or at least the game often becomes unresponsive with the controllers. Is there a good source for recently made, higher quality controllers?
  3. Thanks, that makes a lot of sense given that it is the cheapest option. Isn't the DAC a separate chip though? My dream would be for the VERA to handle all of the DAC since that would let me code some simple bus effects (like echo, ring mod and a simple reverb) for all or some channels. I'm curious how the first few gen Sound Blaster cards handled the PCM and FM mixing, or if it was an either or operation. I haven't checked out the Digital Basement video but will once I'm done family holiday time, since I forgot my earbuds :)
  4. Thanks that’s exactly what I was looking for! I agree that hands on use is very important but when I look at a new synth things like number of lfos, effects, fm operator patterns, envelopes etc is important especially in this case where some features might need to be coded. So the specs/data sheet were a big help. I’ve got experience with coding and making music on synths (not at the same time) and I’d be really interested in a workshop myself. Does anyone know how the 2 chips/3 sound sources will be mixed? Seems like there are a few ways it could go with hardware or software.
  5. I've been using a Yamaha DX Reface and each operator has it's own independent envelopes, I take it the YM2151 is designed to work in a similar fashion? I'm trying to find tech docs so I can understand what the chip can do and what features will need to be programmed.
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