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  1. Wow! I really hope this works out! This would be so much fun to program! I hope we're able to buy Fractic's case design. Those look cool! Wishing you the best!
  2. Just finished catching up on all the videos related to this project. I'm still confused about the Sound issue. I really loved the "Beverly Hills Cop" sample so was looking forward to that. Not sure if that's happening since I didn't catch a demo of the quality of the Vera Sound. But one thing I really like is the RAM banking is now at $0000. That makes me really happy, if only because I think I use to use that for ROM/RAM banking on the C64. In my opinion, IT'S WHERE IT SHOULD BE Looking forward to more updates!
  3. Well, sounds like this project will be about what I thought it would be. Quite honestly, $50 is way too low for what this system does (if you're an 8-bit enthusiast).
  4. Oh, good. I read the FAQ, my eyes obviously didn't though.
  5. Could you imagine a processor running the 6502 (or similar) instruction set at 3.4ghz or any other modern CPU speed? I can't help but wonder if that wouldn't just run circles around Intel and AMD processors. I could be wrong. But it sure is fun to think about (especially multi-core)
  6. I would like to jump on the X16 as soon as it becomes available. The only caveat would be as you release better ROMs and such, will I be able to upgrade the one I have? I personally don't mind paying for the upgrade, as long as it's upgradable. If I can't upgrade it, then I would opt to hang back and wait for a later release. I also wouldn't mind making board modifications as long as the instructions are clear and concise Also, don't be afraid to have proper exchange for the work you do. Not so much on our end, but your end as well. I'll happily pay a fair "profitable" amount for the pleasure of building and owning this machine $50 for just the PCB and components is an awesome deal. Paying extra for the case and keyboard is something I can live with. Paying a little more for tech support (email, most likely) would be cool but that's a complex option I leave in your hands.
  7. I wanted to know why there's no way to financially support the X16, like Indigogo or something like that. I didn't see it in the FAQ and search results have turned up nothing on the forum. I figure you've already thought about this and opted out on it. I'm just curious as to why.
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