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  1. We are looking for K12 Educators! With permission from Christian (AKA Perifractic ), I am looking for the professional educators in the group (K12, College of Education, University Computer Science) to organize a working group of professional educators to explore the potential uses of the X16 in the modern K-12 classroom. The belief is that to be accepted as a part of the modern K12 computer science curriculum, efforts would be needed to identify the underlying principles of programming that can be accomplished using BASIC (rather than trying to teach a complete course of BASIC) as well as utilizing the X16 to teach computer science, digital literacy and cybersecurity principles that align with the recoginized standards of the computer science/digital literacy fields. In the history of 8-bit computing, education has always played an important role. Apple, Commodore and even Atari had extensive forays into the classroom and it may be that a similar place exists for the X16 if it is approached not as teaching the retro programming languages, per say, but teaching computer science, programming , digital literacy and cybersecurity concepts utlizing the simplified X16 platform. If you are a professional educator at the K-12 level, university faculty in a College of Education, or a University Computer Science faculty member that is interested in identifying a place for the X16 in the modern K12 classroom, we would like to speak with you. Interested educators can email Keith George (keith@keithgeorge.net) to express interest as we begin the process of organizing an education working group.
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