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  1. nice! in the meantime I found Aloe Vera (https://github.com/yeastplume/aloevera) which got my graphics pipeline unstuck...
  2. Wish I could get my hands on the source for this tool; this is a super great start but is crashy and really needs some TLC.
  3. just wanted to pop in and say thanks to Matt for these outstanding tutorials! Looking at the slides, the scripts, and especially the nice clean per-topic demos, seems like there must be hours of work in each hour of video.
  4. https://blog.davetcode.co.uk/post/21st-century-emulator/ My favorite / most horrifying part: (just to be clear, they're not serious)
  5. hi all! just signed up. In the eighties I played with Apples and Atari STs and nowadays I do inventory / MRP software work in Seattle. the X16 looks like it will be fun to develop for...just based on the dorking around I did today with the emulator, it really hits that "call to explore" mark. nice work everyone! gotta say it was surreal to copy BASIC2.0 source code from github and paste it into the emulator and have it work instantly .. if only the Compute! programs I typed as a kid worked out so smoothly.
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