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    Why is this so addictive? I had to stop at level 50 and go back to being productive.
  1. Thanks @Perifractic for making this stuff available. Something may still come of it yet.
  2. @The 8-Bit Guy There are a few fundraising channels which could fuel the X16 project well past a fundraiser The Commander X16 store is not functional. This seems like low hanging fruit for someone who knows how to put these kind of deals together with t-shirt and knick-knack companies that will slap logos and familiar catch phrases on products of hopefully good quality. Raffles are a great fundraiser, and the better the prize the more money can be raised from increased interest. For example, some of the early X16 hardware or other related vintage hardware as raffle prizes. Live streaming something involving the X16 project from someone deeply involved. For example, live coding a game such as PETscii Robots and offering programming Q&A to viewers. This is what comes to mind to help with funding. There's probably some better ideas, but this is what is popping into my head right now.
  3. @The 8-Bit Guy Donation link please. I'm happy to throw money at the project just to see the dream come true.
  4. I spent a lot of my youth on a 16 bit 8088 XT clone clocked at 4.7Mhz. This is perfect. That familiar BASIC screen and the joy of being able to do whatever you want including crashing the computer with misplaced POKEs. I'm super excited for this project to come to fruition. Thanks, Bob
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