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  1. Great to see the progress! I'm glad you decided to go with SNES controller ports rather than NES, that makes some game controls much easier to design for.
  2. Version 0.1.1


    This is an early build of my engine for side-scrolling shooters in the style of the original Mega Man games. Running the game: Load the file SSE.PRG into the commander X16 emulator. On windows, the easiest way to run it is the copy the emulator files into the game's directory and run the rungame_controller.bat or rungame_keyboard.bat files It currently contains only three levels and placeholder graphics. There is some basic sound support, but it is not used much. The game is played with Joystick 1 or the keyboard. If using an SNES controller, the L/R buttons may be used to quick switch between sections of the first level and the A-button may be used as a secondary attack. There is an experimental 2-player mode, that can be activated by pressing start on joystick 2 at the title screen, but it does not handle screen transitions so is not really usable at the moment. I have been keeping track of progress of the game on youtube. Here is the latest video showing gameplay. Changing levels: The json files in the tilemaps directory can be opened in the Tiled Map editor (https://www.mapeditor.org/) levels.cfg can also be changed to add or remove levels and change the overworld navigation data. After changes are made, run buildlevel.exe or buildlevel.py to rebuild the binary files from the json files. Player sprite by: sylvius fischer https://opengameart.org/content/fumiko-complete-charset
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