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  1. I can see why David doesn't tend to respond to messages on here, he wouldn't get anything done, bearing in mind any time he did respond another twenty responses to his response would appear within the hour. He'll have to be extremely cautious about making any kind of announcement for the same reason. I'm not saying anyone has done anything wrong, it's just natural with so many possibilities for these machines, so many possible combinations of parts, that people will have so many questions.
  2. Can anyone give up to date info on the likely size of the text modes if (or when!) the X16C comes into existence (I realise it may be the same on all machines)? Last I saw, I believe in one of the two "dream computer" videos, they would likely be: 80 columns by 60 rows 80 x 30 40 x 60 40 x 30 20 x 30 20 x 15 I'm sure this is discussed in documentation somewhere but I think posting on here is the only way to ensure I get up to date info as someone will know if the docs online are out of date in this regard. Thanks for any help.
  3. In some ways the X8 is closer, in some ways the X16 is closer. I'm sure someone could come up with a list if they agree, I haven't followed all the details well enough to do so.
  4. Is there a typo there, should say "than the X16p"? Or have I really badly misunderstood this time? Again thanks for the detailed reply.
  5. Thanks for such a detailed answer. So the X16c would be a proper board, it wouldn't be a FPGA in a box, it would be a proper assembled board, but of a modern kind that can be assembled largely by machines. Where can I find a photo of the kind of case the X16c would likely be in? If I recall the photo that used to be on the commanderx16 homepage was for the x16p. Sorry if I should know the answer to this, but this topic has gotten so long, and I clearly lost track early on of the different versions.
  6. My bad. I haven't followed this as well as I had thought, I didn't realise there was a case still on the table. Both are/were cases with separate keyboards - the X16p case was to be bigger to allow for expansion? Why is one case dropped and not the other, does the smaller case not have to be assembled in China? No doubt the answers are above but there's five hours reading material on this post now! So: (1) X16p kit, +kbd, (1b) Limited number per batch built X16p, +kbd. -----OK, KIT FORM SO NO PROB WITH CHINA (2) Cased X16c, +kbd -----YES, SO WHY CAN THIS GO AHEAD YET THE ONE ABOVE CAN'T HAVE A CASE? (3) X8, (3b) X8 +kbd -----RPI SIZE SO CAN USE AN RPI CASE
  7. I think the case will come back. I really do. The idea is too irrisistible. The team will make a lot of money from the X8 and maybe a caseless version of the X16, and find a way to put out a cased version. Off the shelf, so MAYBE, given the right politics, it ends up in some schools or colleges -- or at least people can buy it for their kids.
  8. I'd buy one just to support the project (unless it looked like there was a limited number, I wouldn't want anyone to miss out). Well, I guess I'd have a go at soldering it one night after a few pints!
  9. And if it doesn't look like a spaceship, it'll be easier for kids to convince Mum and Dad they want it for doing their homework.
  10. Safest thing is a minimalist design - just speaking generally, not saying it should be completely plain of course. It's hard to hate the Mega 65 case for example - if you hate the colour, thinking it's too beige or whatever, it could be dark gray or black - but I mean no one could find it annoying or cheap looking or tacky. Anything exciting or jazzy or however else you might see it, would excite some people but turn other people off. Or even just find it distracting. Best keep it simple. It's fun to speculate about different designs though.
  11. Specifically this context. Obviously you can find far more general examples. There's nothing been anything like this in this era so no point coming up with such examples that don't help.
  12. Tried before .................. in this context? Er, no offence, but no.
  13. If it was about the best spec, people would just go with a PC, Pi etc. This is about chasing a dream. What if, suddenly and magically, the C64 were again available in stores, and was in a percentage of schools? Or even a more basic computer like the Vic 20 or the Dragon 32? Ooh, I could write a game for that, and there's an audience out there for it OUTSIDE OF US NOSTALGIA GEEKS!!! I'm in favor of the X8, but ultimately this should be about the X16. I certainly don't think it's likely that the US Government would say LET'S PUT AN X16 IN EVERY SCHOOL twelve months from now! But it's possible. It happened with the BBC in the UK. Yes, that was the 8bit era, but bear in mind there are schools teaching Pico8, and anyone knows there's no point teaching 13 year olds on a modern box. It could happen. If not this administration then perhaps the next? Or the next? Fifteen years from now? But it won't happen if someone like David doesn't put it out there first. Looking at the big picture is essential here, unless you're really happy for another machine for a limited audience of adult enthusiasts. Horribly patronizing, I know, but let's not forget how quick the modern world changes. This could be an incredible opportunity for change the world. Critical mass!
  14. Just quoting myself here... I guess any potential devil is in the details. I think the problem that many of us have expressed concern about is a solving problem, because the whole point of releasing the X8 now is that the X16 can't be released for quote some time. Maybe a year or two would pass before it was ready, and by then the people would be ready to try something new. I'd still be concerned about the X8 being in some obvious ways (even if not in every important way) more powerful - I'd rather see it being at least a LITTLE slower than the X16.
  15. I agree with that ... however, if the Vic 20 and the C64 had been released at the same time, would anyone have developed for the Vic 20?
  16. Hello, all! I'm English and arguably a little Irish but live in Spain. Science fiction and superhero fiction writer almost full time, but currently reorganising my life so I can dedicate perhaps three days a week to programming. I plan to write some simple Pico-8 games till the X16 is released, then get into some assembly language. I'm not really a hardware guy but am reading the hardware posts too, as it's all pretty fascinating. Long live 8-bit. Long live the 1980s. James Anders Banks
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