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  1. Alas, this turkey won't run on R38. Thanks for posting the three versions, hopefully it was fun work for you. Some of us Canadian are rather slow, so slow that we celebrate Thanksgiving in early October.
  2. The online emulator runs version R38 while the downloadable (local) emulator is at R41. There were significant changes between these two versions. Tetrads was created to run on R41 of the emulator, which only runs on a host system. One could possibly take the game code, work to get it to run on a local copy of R38 then upload it to the downloads section of this site which would allow it to run with the online emulator. That might be a lot of work with little reward. Porting code to work on outdated beta platforms perhaps has little value. While the online administrative team has several goals for this site, updating the online emulator has not happened yet. I can't speculate if/when they choose to volunteer their free time on this task, nor the demand for such an effort. Looking at the bigger picture, once the X16 hardware ships the game would most likely be released for that version of the X16 since the developer is also the inspiration/founder of the whole platform. Progress is seaming being made on finalizing and shipping a production unit. Again timelines are unknown but recent posts suggest progress is being made, both on the technology and the fundraising fronts.
  3. Good to hear. I've collected a lot of "stuff" that would otherwise be trashed. I need to re-home it to people who would use it rather than just store it. That being said, my five VIC 20s will only go after I'm gone.
  4. I wonder what a NIB VIC-20 would go for these days. $826K for a copy of Super Mario Bros? It's all about the packaging https://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-the-tuesday-edition-1.5976765/826k-for-a-copy-of-super-mario-bros-it-s-all-about-the-packaging-1.5976831
  5. Sorry, I've not really looked at the code in depth or worked through its magic. Perhaps one of the four who have contributed to the code - Michael Steil, CasaDeRobison, stefan-b-jakobsson, or Elektron72) code provide you with more insight that I ever could. Others have kindly jumped in with opinions/options in this thread. Some would say this is a nice problem to have - too much RAM but the complexity of bank switching - rather than too little RAM without any options. VIC -20 anyone? The variable memory map based on the amount of expansion RAM present is a pain, but I digress....
  6. I've not done the count but I believe this is the code you are looking for - https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-rom/blob/master/inc/jsrfar.inc#L1
  7. The desire to own a specific item will remain long after getting one is reasonably possible. In the X16 case, the desire to get a unit is high, and the probability of one in the future is looking good.
  8. Funny how that happens. Perhaps you could open source the SFF X16 design if you go down that path. I believe many here would appreciate it, as they don't have the talent to do so, but can get someone to print it for them. I hope to get a DIP board and assemble it myself, so I'll go with a commercial case & power supply of some sort. Too bad the case being designed/sourced by Perfractic isn't going as a product. I'll have to wait and see what comes available once I get the MB assembled.
  9. Each iteration looks better and better, almost a professional marketable product now! So the panels are now going to be 3D printed with no need to drill the holes if I read your statement right? Then the paper label will be printed and attached to that plate? I'd suggest not having a thin black line running though the LED mounting points on the label as that draws the eye to the alignment of the holes, and really doesn't serve a purpose that I can see. Perhaps you'll be working on a case for the X16 that will use surface mounted IC soon (one can hope right?)
  10. Perhaps you can provided a little more description of what you see as the issue and how Ultima (which I'm unfamiliar with) & passwords fit in.
  11. I had to laugh when I read this on the LED page: Compatible with: Indicator Lights, DIY PCB Circuit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, hobby, Science Experiments, Colorful Throwies Project, Breadboard, T1 T-1 Bulb, Bulk 3.2v 3.3v Parts Replacement,Invisible Black Light Note sure how a electronic component would be incompatible with any electric circuit. And this point fails the logic test: "Invisible Black Light" These three words don't go together , Something was lost in translation perhaps? Jokes aside, I do hope they work out on the front panel without having to rebuild it from scratch.
  12. It looks very well made! I appreciate that you've documented your construction - it's been enjoyable reading. I've been working on building a greenhouse from repurposed items (windows, doors, wood, ect) for nearly 2 years - 1.75 years too long ! During that time I came up with this line to tell people how the project was going - " I design as best I can, construct a part, then go back to design around the flaws I built in." It's been multiple stages. I do let them know I'm a computer electronics technologist and NOT a carpenter. I know I'm working outside my area of expertise; my wife is kind to accept my limitations. There's a certain joy to software development, in that it's just really electronic text files that can be changed, redesigned/rebuilt as needed, unless someone has to work around someone else's bugs . Perhaps one of the many LED holders would frame the LEDs - https://www.mouser.ca/c/optoelectronics/led-indication/led-mounting-hardware/?product=LED Holders
  13. Wow! That's one big pointy finger for a minor release. That being said, congrats on getting it out. Coming onto almost 4 years of continuous development for an alternative language for the X16 (and others) is certainly a major achievement.
  14. I don't think the X16 will develop the same way as the X86, 68000 or ARM CPUs changed/progressed computers and other devices. I believe that the Gen 1/2/3 boards will more or less be at the same computing power and meet the design and desire goals set out for it. There is such a small market for retro PCs compared to the general market, so I don't see the development demand for a faster "old" computer. That being said, it doesn't stop anyone from developing the X16 further. One can dream
  15. Greetings! Welcome to the community. It sounds like you're quite the gamer/programmer. As for programming skills, you have plenty of time to develop them. Might I suggest some classics such as Writing Solid Code https://writingsolidcode.com and Code Complete https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_Complete These books (1st edition) were written after the 8 bit era had ended but I consider still relevant and practical for anyone. Consider the newer second editions as invaluable if you pursue programming as a profession. I lived through the 80's with a Commodore Vic 20 and used school PETS too. I'm on the island and connected to the small local retro scene here in Victoria. PM me if you want to connect.
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