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  1. I use this trick to remember it: Little Endian - the "Little" byte comes before the "End" byte. For the Big Endian the "Big" byte comes before the "End" byte. Of course that doesn't stop me from making mistakes.
  2. I have enough trouble managing just two displays. 40 or 80 would be a real challenge!
  3. Having a notification of when the DMs will be ported would be ideal. I'd go beforehand and archive/delete items saving some space/cpu power. Actually I should just do it now...
  4. It will be interesting to see how (and how long) it takes for things to get normal, if ever. I'm sure most of us lived through the epoxy shortage in 1993 just fine - https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1993-08-06-9308060189-story.html I've just got my first Ardiuno; I hope to treat it well as I go forward, as its a great rapid prototyping/hobby system. My heart is with older microcontrollers such as the 68HC11, but putting together a system is more work especially for one-off play projects. As for the commercial world, I'm not so sure what will happen. Automobiles ran without chips for about a century, but now an electric vehicle probably has more silicon than my desktop system. With gas prices changing and societal changes I think driving will be come a luxury for the rich like it was when the car first appeared. Supply chains are something the average person doesn't think about or know much about, but when they deviate significantly the public hears about it, usually in a simplistic version.
  5. Now you can boldly go where style hasn't been before: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/john-fluevog-star-trek-strange-new-worlds-1.6443282
  6. Do I dare ask if there's any reason to leave your parent's basement?
  7. I found that Belgians appreciated my attempts to communicate; Parisians wanted to communicate a few choice words AT me. Anyway, I think having multiple language for keyboard layouts is going to help the X16. Perhaps someone has a list of how many different languages the C64 or Atari had back in the day.
  8. Rarely heard in my experience with speaking Quebecois. I've heard other "choice" words, none of them should be said in public, plus my horrible spelling (any language) would prevent me from writing them here.
  9. Given the number of shows I wouldn't be surprised that a Star Trek+ channel appears sometime soon.
  10. There is a APL for the old Super PET, however it was written for the 6809 processor and not the 6502. I'd love to dabble with it on the X16, but that's perhaps a big ask. Related is that there are several languages for the X16 that aren't basic or assembly, which give the X16 some appeal beyond what one could do with a VIC-20. APL hasn't made it there yet....
  11. Thanks for the explanation Michael. I do like the idea of shipping in ROM, as it's one less item to go find. Having good notes on how to use a profile on an SD card perhaps would help those who want to use a different layout than what is built in. I'm guessing many are happy that this feature is in the X16.
  12. Must be happy hour or post-party at the brewhouse now:
  13. Do you mean something non-Windows?
  14. Plain old 00000409 US despite being Canadian. While I occasionally speak Quebecois, I don't use the multilingual or "French" Canadian keyboards. What's the impact of adding more keyboard layouts? I'm not against them; I think more users having support for their preferred language would be great.
  15. Welcome! I gave a read of your BoxLambda FPGA project. It sounds intriguing and I hope you achieve your goal in designing & developing it. As for the X16, I hope that the first ones ship this year. It will be a great post pandemic project.
  16. Thanks - it looks like that one has to create an account, then search out the discussion group before seeing any real content.
  17. Is there a direct URL? I'm not a fan of separate applications.
  18. I'm still working thought TNG thanks to Netflix (on the last season!) It seems so "retro" now that I'm watching Discovery, since my preference is for a season long story. I prefer that to the somewhat stand alone episodes where the plot line follows the same arc timing every episode with only the planet and aliens changing each show. I've kinda dabbled in Picard clips (thanks Youtube), but alternate universe time travel conspiracy theory really seems to be an amalgamation just of too many things. The video trailer above seems to be a good collection of special effects/CGI of the ship just flying about, rather than the human element and interaction that really drives any story. Another Star Trek sounds nice, perhaps I'll get to it when I'm in a retirement home.
  19. Thanks for the next rev of the emulator. I'm surprised at the size differences based on the platform (I hadn't noticed it before.) Any comments on why the wide difference?
  20. I rewatched the video. Somehow I remember him mentioning the delay on the X16 project, but that could have come from another source as many things blend online when I'm tired. The one item I thought would be good to take from this modern implementation would be the ROM'd diagnostic program. I think it would be a great feature to have built into the X16. I've watched the many videos where the retro-repairer attempts to load up and use such programs to restore an old machine. At some point the X16 will be a retro retro computer that would benefit from such firmware.
  21. I believe he alludes to the X16 project in the video. I'll have to go back and look again, as I was watching it in the livingroom and not infront of the office keyboard (and monitor.)
  22. I assume everyone else would like to hear that too, and the sooner the better. I'm content to "camp out" and use the emulator until that happens.
  23. I'm not sure that backwards compatibility is warranted. It presents a lot of problems. How would the emulator know which ROM to load after it starts? How would the program know to request a specific version of the ROM? It invites a mess of issues which just makes the emulator more complex. The final physical shipping product won't have backward compatibility with older ROMs, so the emulator shouldn't need to have it either. Most programs might need to need to be updated when the X16 ships; my assumption is that developers will transition their programs that they feel are valuable to the shipping platform rather quickly. As you've discovered, older version of the emulator works. Making older compiled versions of the emulator available for download with clear instructions on how to run them side by side would be useful to those who want to do so. Also marking the current uploaded programs with what version of the emulator will help too. That being said, my hope is that there is a minimal amount of work done as the platform evolves to keep programs and the emulator all working together in whatever versions. Rather, I'd like to see the effort go into the physical shipping of a release product.
  24. You're not on the list - https://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/SDR
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