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    Word Slide!


    A simple game fairly well done. I'm not sure how good of a clone it is of the original, since I've not played that version. 

    The tracking of which letters are not in the word is a nice feature, plus the highlighting of those that are helps a fair bit. The difficulty (and challenge) would increase if this panel was removable - maybe as an option.

    I'd make the following suggestions - allow the user to cursor over to a location and enter a letter at that position rather than always having to start at the first box. Also if the letter is in the correct location autofill it in all the subsequent lines rather than force the user to re enter it. Finally move the display to the centre of the screen. On my 76 inch monitor if is too far left 🙂

    I believe this game is well done, but it isn't my type of game. 


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    I've enjoyed playing the game almost daily over the last 3 months. The level of play is difficult, some puzzle levels seem impossible. I've got just over half the levels solved; some I replay because they were fun, others I avoid after solving as once seems enough (and I'm not sure I could do it again.) 

    If you are looking for amazing sound and graphics that push the limits of the X16, this game won't impress you. There is no sound, but it's a thinking game that the music might get annoying very quickly. The graphics work, but more importantly is the challenge of solving a level. 

    I highly recommend people try it out. 

    Flappy X16


    The graphics and sound are great, which shows a high level of design. I'd give that aspect of the game 5 stars. The gameplay is extremely challenging to the point I've given up on playing it more, as five seconds of play resulted in a collision on the easiest level. That earns the game an overall rating of two stars for me.  

  1. This game is quite well done in terms of graphics - everything is smooth. The sound track is what you would expect for an arcade game - its catchy but short so it loops.

    I look forward to the next revision of the game!

    In the online emulator the keys are the cursor pad (left, up, right) and the Control K is select and fire. 

  2. A good piece of music in this player. The data displayed doesn't make sense to me as I've not looked into sound generation, nor do I have a musical background. The font selected is a little unreadable for the amount of data.

    Note that in the online emulator running on Safari, one must enable the sound icon, then move the mouse pointer over the display and click to hear anything.

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