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  1. Yes, perhaps this is the same amount needed to get the X16 shipping before this Christmas.
  2. I use to work in an electronic parts store at one point. It may sound like Christmas, but it was rather just day to day work. It was hard to be inspired by a bag of ten 4.7K ohm resistors on the shelf. Even the employee discount on the top of the line fluke portable scope meters (which were just entering the market in 1994) was unreachable on my salary and responsibilities. Not fun. My wife and I both love to cook. I've bought her "sharp" xmas gifts (mandolin, stick blender) and learnt that really means a trip to the emergency room follows. We still cook together, but stick to exploring for a new dish rather than new tools. I'm about to try a shopping list this year. It might take the magic out of things, but I'm willing to try it anyway. Like others I don't need much, and I want little either. I've got a whole basement of retro stuff to work my way through, and someday I'll need to purchase an X16. For my retro xmas life, I'm going to take out an old VIC 20 and fire up an adventure game to play as a couple. That should bring some enjoyment as it will be new to her and old to me; we'll enjoy spending the time together.
  3. I've been playing Sokoban on the x16 emulator as a way to pace my reading of all the forum posts (or so I tell myself.) Now caught up with all the posts, I'm wanting to see who else is playing this great game. I enjoy this retro game immensely. It isn't a flashy ADHD type kill something game with a backstory that a Hollywood movie could be made of. While the premiss is simple, solving a level can be a challenge. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it really works for me and that it runs on the X16 without taxing the resources. It captures the game play well; anything fancier wouldn't improve the gameplay for me. Are there any other players? How many levels have you solved? PS _ if you've not tried it, go give it a spin online - https://www.commanderx16.com/emulator/x16emu.html?manifest=/emulator/163-x16sokoban/
  4. I helped a holding friend dis-assemble over 50 various DECwriters about 15 years ago. We salvaged the optical encoders and few parts, the rest went to electronic recycling (and steel recycling as the stands/frames were rock solid!) He did save a couple of each model to support his collection of almost every PDP made.
  5. Ok - it's been a year since you introduced yourself - I'll ask where in Alberta are you? Secondly, did you live through the 80's or are you new to the old scene?
  6. I appreciate that you're improving the system by dealing with the issues that are controllable. Having hidden issues that only occur in certain cases can be problematic. Your later case is certainly understandable and not preventable. While not ideal, the documentation around using this load should explain the potential risk that might be encountered in using the command. You've mentioned the documentation is out of date, so if the pull goes through hopefully updating the documentation does as well. That suggest to me that you're doing a complete job in terms of code and documentation, something that I (and hopefully others) fully appreciate. Thanks! On a side note, I do fully understand the X16 is not an industrial control system platform. Industrial and embedded control space does require certain knowledge, understanding and experience which most people in hobby world don't have. I feel that the PI/Ardunio platforms make real world control systems more accessible, but with more risk due to the lack of the user working in that space. I'd hate to hear of someone hurting themselves (or an X16) because of that gap. Lack of shipping hardware prevents incidents at this time. Finally, I'm still on R38. I do hope that R39 (or better) comes out while the team works on the hardware issues. I'm not blocked from enjoying what is available, but I believe that a updated version would serve the community.
  7. Thanks for the response. I appreciate that you realize that experience is a limitation to making this a commercial product. Making it available to those who want to build their own is noble; I think many will thank you for that. Partnerships can be work in itself; it sounds like you have thought about that too. I do hope you get it to publication. Not that I have any ability to manufacture one myself. With the project based case "unplanned" at least the earlier design goal of using a standard enclosure seems like a very wise decision. I find your case good-looking and impressive. I hope that once the X16 ships I'd be able to find a case as attractive as the one you've designed and built.
  8. What's not to like? Are you considering it a one-off, making plans available, or even going for a commercial run?
  9. There's limit to anything on every platform retro or not. The balancing of protections and limitations is an art in my opinion. I'm risk adverse and want to be able to choose a safe path first over convenience. That's me The retro factor I think shouldn't be a limitation on a safe approach. I've never crashed my VIC 20, but I spent a career helping people address crashes on PCs. Part may be the complexity of the technology, but some of it I feel is mindset that detaches actions from consequences. The technology has progressed over the years, the mindset should evolve too. The people in the X16 community seems to pride itself on providing sound technology and ingenious solutions. While no solution is perfect, coming up with a workable solution that protects the user in most cases is desirable. I see that Zerobyte has put some protection into the code, which I appreciate.
  10. Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad I've only got an emulator running. I'd hate to have hardware with this design flaw in it.
  11. Greetings from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada where I still play with old Commodore stuff
  12. I'm not for this approach. I worked in the automation control industry and randomly writing into I/O space was just wrong and could cause permanent damage to man & machine. While I don't expect that anyone would have an X16 hooked up to an industrial welding robot, they many have their own hardware connected and not have designed in failsafes for random events. I'd suggest an approach that prevented a load crossing into I/O space or beyond. Just reject the load, or fail just at point of crossing into danger. It's just safer & easier to prevent a crash then try to pick up the pieces afterwords.
  13. Edmond D


    I've enjoyed playing the game almost daily over the last 3 months. The level of play is difficult, some puzzle levels seem impossible. I've got just over half the levels solved; some I replay because they were fun, others I avoid after solving as once seems enough (and I'm not sure I could do it again.) If you are looking for amazing sound and graphics that push the limits of the X16, this game won't impress you. There is no sound, but it's a thinking game that the music might get annoying very quickly. The graphics work, but more importantly is the challenge of solving a level. I highly recommend people try it out.
  14. Consider working through the older Commodore Vic 20 or C64 user guide as an introduction to BASIC. Most of the simple programs should run unmodified as they are the same version of BASIC that the X16 uses. There will be some differences that will need to be considered when dealing with the hardware differences, such as screen size and video/sound memory locations. By the time you hit those you'll probably have a good grasp of the language. If you get stuck, there are people in this community who will answer your questions. Happy computing!
  15. I hope you have a great day, and to others that they had a good holiday. Leftovers is why I don't like Thanksgiving much - too many days of PTSD - "Post Turkey Stress Dining." I just buy a drumstick and it goes in one sitting. The deals on tech stuff is a reason to like the American holiday. Great offers and close enough to Xmas that I can usually justify an annual purchase. (Thanks again Apple!) Plus that American business make offers valid in Canada. It would be interesting to know what non North American countries get in terms of deals.
  16. Alas, as a teenager at the time CPU type was a small thing compared to the amount & quality of accessible software (read games) the platform had. The only 6809 specific software I had access to was the Waterloo languages. They were great for learning and set me up for the many other languages that followed. I'm not sure if the X16 had a 6809 I'd be so eager to buy one (or others) given the amount & volume of 6502 based computer systems (and games) from the 80's. That's not to say the 6809 systems were bad; the just weren't what I used. Going back to the originating post, once the X16 ships then perhaps someone will experiment with such as system. Perhaps when/if a stand alone VERA board is released, a 6809 system is designed to use it.
  17. Yes - I think pricing may be a factor, according to the wikipedia article - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motorola_6809 I had the pleasure of using a SuperPet in the 80's and all the Waterloo languages - they had dual CPUs of a 6502 and the 6809.
  18. Thanks for the long detailed post introducing yourself. It certainly is refreshing to see an honest appraisal of where you're at, what you've done and why. The internet is filled with enough "Don't I look good and I'm always happy" type posts. As a fellow Canuck, I'll attribute your post to a pre-Winter condition. Perhaps it's best to go hibernate with dreams of the X16 emerging in the Spring when the sun states to shine onto the planet again. Worst case, go get a Hawaiian pizza. I've heard one can't get them in the states.
  19. Some consider you exceptional, but I don't know what noun they'd pair with that adjective. I guess making that comment makes me a retro grammar geek.
  20. Let's hope the software doesn't react like this -
  21. Most software has the personality of "I don't care what you want, I'm going to annoy you as best I can, even crashing is NOT beyond what I'll do to displease you!"
  22. Edmond D


    Faithful to the original. worth a play for nostalgic purposes.
  23. One could easily turn the cap into a Commander X16 one
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