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  1. Remember the simple days, when you typed LOAD, pressed play on the dataset, and waited?
  2. Thanks for that bit. The notion on how fast the existing software gets moved to R39 still stands.
  3. So for us mere mortals, the question becomes when to move from R38 to R39. My stance would be when the software(games) I use(play) are R39 compliant, or that my need for an improvement to support the very limited development I'm doing (or hoping to do) needs R39 functionality. Given that the online emulator will remain at R38, perhaps jumping to R39 on my local machine would be relatively safe. While it would be nice to run both on one computer, I could put R38 on another machine as a solution. The interesting item to watch is to see how fast and what gets ported to R39. I believe that will show how invested the community is in the X16. Thoughts?
  4. I've seen management creep and marketing creep. Then there are the creeps in sales
  5. Thanks for documenting your work for others - I believe it will be a very useful set of instructions for some. Having the audio example and SD implementation would certainly aid others as well.
  6. It looks like he's hit a brick wall Joke aside, it does show that with determination that the VERA design can be made to work outside the X16 platform by those with talent. Congrats!
  7. Revive some of you hope - projects like this might help. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lukas-remis/tank-mouse-your-new-amiga-mouse
  8. Hopefully more things happen soon Thanks for the update - I'm sure some will be looking at code quite soon.
  9. Bonjour, welcome aboard what is a very good community. While it seems the peak of the forum was in 2020/2021 there is enough material here to keep one busy reading for awhile - everything from speculation, design discussions, to how to optimize programs for the platform. The X16 design goals sound exactly what will interest you. We're all waiting for the prototype to be finished, then kits shipping. IT most likely will be awhile longer, so download the emulator and get a head-start to pass the time.
  10. Sorry if I seemed to over-react. I've generalized that most technical people don't have good visual design skills.
  11. I agree - while cute I come to read and comment. A second "read-optimized" theme would be my strong preference and that would be the one I'd use. PS - I'm on a MAC so I can't compare to a Windows platform, nor a *NIX one.
  12. Very doable as an expansion card on the X16 platform. Take a look at how Ben Eater interfaced a LCD to a 6502 process by putting it on the address bus of the CPU. LEDs would be much simpler as there is no controller that requires programatic steps to get data to be displayed. Simple basic pokes could switch the LEDs on and off.
  13. Voltage is only part of the power equation. Current is the heavy lifter. I've had the privilege of seeing a superconducting coil running at 1 volt and near 500 amps in person in the late 80s. The magnetic field as it ramped up caused a Fluke multimeter (bolted to the floor) to fail at 10 ; at 25 ft one could hold a quarter in their vertical palm without it falling to the ground (not that it would if let go.) Cables have their advantages - my wired network is a lot more reliable & secure than a wireless one. With switching high power loads off and on cabling makes sense. Any high power connection probably should have opto-isolation to a controller; fuse protection isn't ideal as it primarily limits current and that the current must exceed the value for it to disconnect the circuit. Are you thinking of trying to "wi-fry" a possum? An Arduino is a good platform (or a Basic Stamp) if you wanted to home brew a system, but an industrial PLC would be a better choice IMO. These solutions require power, so when the electricity goes out things might not work out well for the chickens.
  14. Like RS-232, wire based ethernet has evolved - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO/IEC_11801#Category_8 Similarly there is some backward compatibility in the standard for certain physical media, but a divergence in connectors. I don't know all the details, since the CAT-5 stuff just works for me. 120 Volt AC systems aren't standardized across the planet, 230V systems are more common. Even the North American system has issues - one can incorrectly switch the live, neutral & ground wires and still get power, but bad things can happen when miswired devices are used. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mains_electricity#/media/File:World_Map_of_Mains_Voltages_and_Frequencies,_Detailed.svg Motor control power is best served by a separate independent power system for many reasons. Most industrial I/O I've used is 24V DC powered by a separate supply from the main controller's one. The expansion port could be used to control a 12V device with the right interface circuitry. That's a lot of "horse power" for the chickens - they must be very special for that much computing force. It's doable, but might be overkill. I do like the thoughts of making networking simple in basic on the X16. With your ideas and enthusiasm, finding a way to make it happen seems likely.
  15. I appreciate the response. I do hope that the "try it now" functionality can be made to work securely when the move to phpBB happens. Given that the content is migrating, the functionality might be possible and the risks with remaining see unfavourable and that we're starting into March now it looks like the switch seems to be justifiable now. I see that at the time of posting that there isn't enough money to continue with the current forum too
  16. I wasn't aware that Murray2 was an invision forum - it seems different, but that could just be a factor of skins/versions. It seems the actual posts were not archived in Wayback, so the bits may be forever scattered throughout the virtual world. I agree that open source software tends to be a better long run investment. Being a "captive" customer is never a nice thing, and breaking free before the next crunch is desirable. Given that you're working for fun and free is very noble - I'm sure everyone appreciates that. While the downloads and try it now features are not the core to the forum, they do round out the site. Having an archive of the files as a start would be bearable; the forum forum posts are the real gold for the community. I can live well without the awards/badges/leaderboard or ever the direct messaging system. Almost mandatory humour -
  17. RS stood for "Recommended Standard", not "required standard." and the protocol RS-232 started in 1960s. I'm glad in these days protocols that are standardized usually have a certifying body behind them actually testing conformance. Imaging if USB was implemented like RS-232 was - we'd still be in the stone ages of computing. There are many sins of the past we've grown out of thankfully. Words like "WYSIWYG", "compatible" and "standard" are hints of some issue ( and always make me cringe.)
  18. I view "Retro" as using modern technology to reproduce systems that work like they were like the 8 bit systems that were designed and produced in the 1980s. I don't see it as being 100% pure in using only technology (hardware &software) available at that time. While TCP/IP is a late 70s evolution and the web is a late 80s invention, there is probably a lot of interest in having these available on the X16. I'm not expecting a browser that rivals Chrome (or event Netscape in it's day ) but hopeful that some dabbling on internet technology does happen. My hope is that there is a RS-232 expansion board (or even a couple of them) for the X16 platform. This type of card would allow others to connect to a huge array of serial devices beyond what is used for modern networking. Aside Having worked with a lot of RS-232 devices in the industrial computing world, I know that most RS-232 devices deviate somewhat on the specified protocol, in connectors, cabling, and operation. The Vic 20 can do RS-232 out of box at a software level, but the hardware uses TTL levels and not the defined bipolar levels of the "standard." Having a standard and enforcing a standard are unfortunately two completely different things. My hope for a modern X16 RS-232 card is that it conforms to the latest standard as best it can.
  19. I believe that forum has allowed the community to be successful. The Invision platform is perhaps the best forum software I've used. Switching to a "free" platform that requires developer time to customize and also has a maintenance aspect is not really free. Consider your own wages and work that out to an hourly rate. At $800, how many hours would that buy? Would this be enough time to even start with a migration and customization? What's the estimates on the programmer hours to do the switch? While you may have the skill to do a migration, would you rather spend the time on it or working on something that runs on the X16? When I joined the community I started to read every post. I'll admit that some material I skimmed over, as it didn't interest me at the time (and I can (currently) go back.) After finishing all the posts here, I considered diving Ito the previous forum, but the interface was a barrier. ( I can't even find it now!) I'm not sure of the quality or usefulness of those old posts since I haven't read them at any length. That jump presented a knowledge break, another one might do the same. Finally, there is a huge amount of knowledge in the forum. Most of it will be useful in the future, some of it became obsolete as design and decisions were made. I'd hate to loose it. Ideally the forum would be mined for relevant information which would be covered into documentation. I see great value in this task. Perhaps we should start doing this now?
  20. Likewise, welcome! The 68000 is certainly a great processor that helped advance computing to the next level in its day. They powered several different computers, unlike the X86 line which gave just the PC. I wonder what would have happened if IBM had gotten behind the processor. I don't think that its a dumb idea, but it would certainly be a step up from an 8 bit 6502 system. Consider finding a copy of Alan Clements' Microprocessor Systems Design: 68000 Family Hardware, Software, and Interfacing https://www.amazon.com/Microprocessor-Systems-Design-Hardware-Interfacing/dp/0534948227 as a good solid read to guide you on that project. When the X16 ships, perhaps the kit will make a good trainer project on your way to a 68K system. PS - With chickens, perhaps you could be a supplier of 100% authentic "chicken lips" for the x16 community.
  21. The second book is a good followup from the first, as an assembler is the book's project. It builds onward as it's an applied example of what and how to achieve a usefully tool step by step. There are many pieces that can be taken and used in other applications. Given the wide range of tools for assembly on the X16, another assembler isn't needed in my opinion. So I'd suggest picking a tool and focusing on reporting issues if any in using. Freedback from users is worth gold, and developers who wisely understand and improve their tools are platinum. And don't forget to have fun along the way! PS - Give a shout out to those who produce educational material that helped you. Slithy likes "Likes."
  22. There are many other videos on the 6502 if SlithyMatt's aren't working for you. He won't get offended if you watch someone else, like Ben Eater's build a 6502 computer (which I've yet to watch, but have seen some of his other series) This example is just one of many others that will help you as you journey onward. Consider some great books, such as the Machine Language for Beginners, published by Compute back in the eighties. You can always return to SlithyMatt's work at some future time. He would most likely be happy you've started programming assembly, and he won't feel cheated on.
  23. You should also check off horrible/unreadable fonts and bad use of colour too! If you add a screen wide ticker-tape widget you'll be pushing into the true bad web design. I await to see what useless info gets scrolled across. I did get a 404 error that looks way too modern, but it's provided by the hosting so I guess not much you can do about that. I'm glad you're having fun with this project. A a certain point it will hurt too much to look at, but I won't want to turn away
  24. Everyone has photoshop skills, some more than others. I'm on the low end of that spectrum, but decided to look into it. I went to https://www.cnbc.com/2022/02/02/washington-football-team-officially-renamed-washington-commanders.html for a picture and I found this one. Interestingly a major news network in the states didn't have time to really look at the image they posted: While not a meme or a photoshopped image, I think I've found enough humour in it to call it a day.
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